Stranger Than Fiction Movie Review

Stranger Than Fiction Movie Review
Harold Crick (Will Ferrell) begins the day counting each stroke that he makes with his tooth brush as he brushes his teeth. He ties his tie in a single knot, and counts how many blocks he runs to catch the bus. He has been an accountant for twelve years for the Internal Revenue Service. He is exceptional with numbers. In fact, his co-workers can rely on him to have the answer to any math dilemma they are having. Unfortunately, he is lonely.
And then it happens, Harold goes mad. Well, let me explain.

One Wednesday, he realizes he hears a voice but doesn’t know where it is coming from. He begins paying attention to his movements as the voice narrates. He talks to the voice while getting asked a question – even correcting himself in doubt as he hears it. He tries to explain the situation to his co-worker, but hear unable to hear it. But then, something amazing happens to Harold.

He meets Anna Pascal (Maggie Gyllenhaal) – a baker. Unfortunately, he meets her under unfavorable terms. He is auditing her because she did not pay her taxes from the previous year. Despite her bitter attitude toward him, he cannot stop starring at her. In fact, he is unable to complete business that day with her.

Then we meet the narrator – the author – Karen Eiffel (Emma Thompson). She is a little insane, and seems to be having writers block. She doesn’t know how to kill the character in her book – Harold Crick. So, her publishing company sends in reinforcement. That’s when we meet Penny Esher (Queen Latifah). Karen is against receiving help, but Penny convinces her that she can help.

Harold’s job sends him to see a doctor/counselor in human resources. The doctor is odd. Besides Harold tunes him out, because he is lost in the thought with Ms. Pascal. The doctor suggested that Harold take a vacation. Then his wrist watch breaks, which is unfortunate and significant because that is the closest thing he has to a friend.

When he hears the fate of his death, he goes to a psychologist who told him that he has schizophrenia.

Harold is unwilling to face this dire situation, so he goes to see a literature professor (Dustin Hoffman), something that was suggested to him. He observes Harold and immediately deciphers his personality. He offers a few suggestions.

He goes to visit Ms. Pascal at the shop. He wants it to get personal but she is against that action. He is smitten whenever he is around her. As he continues to learn about her, he finds that she is amazing. He doesn’t want to let her go. He needs her. She could cure the loneliness in his life and in his heart.

The story continues with the narrator’s antics on finding new ways to kill the character, but she is stumped. Meanwhile, Harold has to figure out how to stay alive. This movie takes Harold on a journey of reaching out for more – for the things he really wants.

Although this movie not a straight out romance, it does have a romantic element that has you routing for the couple throughout this quirky comedy.
I was hesitant to watch this movie at first, but it turns out I liked it much more than I thought.

I think the movie idea is terrific, and more original than many movies that I’ve watched. It is sheer entertainment that will keep you laughing as you wonder what will happen next.

I was not paid to endorse this movie in any way. It comes from my movie collection. The views and opinions that are expressed are my own.

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