The Break Up Movie Review

The Break Up Movie Review
When you think of breaking up, you don’t think of a romance. You think of pain and heart ache, something that many people dread. However, there is usually something deeper going on as we see in this movie.

Gary (Vince Vaughn) meets Brooke (Jennifer Aniston) at a baseball game. They start dating, and then eventually they purchase a condo together.

Gary has a touring business with his brothers. He entertains the tourist when they come to town. He is also entertaining throughout his life. Meaning, he needs to grow up a little, because he is self-centered and childish. One of his favorite pass times is playing video games.

Brooke is the type of girlfriend who shares in a guy’s experience even if she doesn’t want to. Although she is slightly bossy, she tolerates Gary’s behavior until one night, she snaps. That’s where the drama begins.

Let’s start from the beginning. The night starts out with Brooke cooking and being prepared for a family dinner. She wants Gary to get ready so he can open the door, and possibly entertain the guest. He wants to watch a game, but when he realizes the guest have arrived, he runs to the shower. Poor Brooke has to do it all while Gary merely shows up.

During dinner the viewer is introduced to family members from his side and hers. Her brother (John Michael Higgins) is a singer. He is in a band. His table performance is hilarious. He asks various family members to participate. Gary doesn’t want to sing along, which I can understand. That isn’t for everyone.

After dinner, an argument ensues. Gary is being his typical self. He wants to relax, but Brooke wants him to help clean up. He feels that he has been working all day, so he deserves the rest. What he fails to realize is that Brooke has been working all day as well. Brooke has had enough, so she breaks up with him.

Throughout the movie, they take emotional jabs at one another to prove that they are strong and they don’t need one another. One such situation is when Brooke throws his clothes out of the room because he bought an item that she was against. He is also thrown off the bowling team. Gary on the other hand, establishes a room in the house as his and has Brooke thrown out of that space.

Although their break up is over something trivial, it is based on behaviors that are tolerated throughout the relationship. There is only so much a person can take.
I was a little skeptical of reviewing this movie since it’s about the doom and gloom of a relationship ending. However, there are some touching moments throughout the movie. There are also some lessons learned along the way in this movie about – life, change, and love. Is love worth fighting for or is it just a fight? Serious growth is needed by both characters when see what they take each other through.

The movie is also very funny. It keeps you laughing as you see these characters’ battle emotionally throughout the film. Their lawyer and friend (Jason Bateman) is calm, but still deliver the comedy to the film.

I must admit this is not one of my favorites. It can be sad and raw at times, but I guess what breaking up is about. However, it is still entertaining.

I was not paid to endorse this movie in any way. It comes from my movie collection. The views and opinions that are expressed are my own.

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