Low Carb Thanksgiving Recipes

Low Carb Thanksgiving Recipes
A traditional Thanksgiving meal would NOT have included potatoes and pumpkin pie! Those were Victorian-era additions that the pilgrims never knew about. Here are healthy recipes you're sure to love.

Roast Turkey
Did you know that turkeys do NOT make you sleepy after Thanksgiving Day? People used to blame the tryptophan in turkeys. However, research has shown that in order for tryptophan to make you sleepy, you have to take it on an empty stomach with no protein! Hardly the case during Thanksgiving meals. In reality, it is the huge overload of carbs that many eat that causes the post-meal slumber. Turkey can be made MANY ways with delicious spices, and few carbs. Choose your favorite and enjoy!

Mashed Cauliflower
The pilgrims didn't have potatoes! Why include them on your menu? Instead try some Mashed Cauliflower to hold any butter and gravy you want.

Peas and Cheese Sauce
This can be *relatively* high carb - 10g a serving - but compared to what MOST people eat on Thanksgiving, that's nothing! So if you want to "splurge", here's a treat. If 10g is just to high for you, even for a special meal, try the cheese over broccoli. Peas and Cheese Sauce Recipe

Low Carb Gravy
There are many low carb thickeners on the market. Don't use flour or corn starch! You can get a delicious gravy with hardly any carbs if you substitute the low carb thickener. If your store doesn't have any, try atkins.com or other online low carb stores.

Low Carb Bread
If you really want bread to sop up the gravy with, try the Atkins Low Carb Mix. It's super easy if you have a bread machine, and does the job nicely.

Low Carb Ice Cream
I have made many, many batches of low carb ice cream and they are all delicious! I'd go for Butter Pecan Ice Cream for Thanksgiving, but you can make chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or whatever your favorite is.

Fresh Berries
If you're going to go with the dessert REALLY enjoyed by the pilgrims and Native Americans, it was not popcorn nor was it pumpkin pie! It would be fresh berries. These have great antioxidants in them. Berry Plate Dessert Recipe.

Other Pumpkin Offerings
If you're really in a pumpkin mood, there are many dishes to be enjoyed besides that stomach-deadening pie. Here are some Low Carb Pumpkin Recipes to try out.

Bottle of Red Wine
Wine is really healthy for you when drunk with meals in moderation. It's perfect for a low carb diet because it adds greatly to the flavor of meals without adding many carbs! Read more about Red Wine and the Low Carb Diet

If you're eating at home, serving a low carb Thanksgiving dinner should be VERY easy. If you're going to someone else's home, bring along a vegetable dish as your offering! You can then enjoy the turkey, your veggies, and some wine. What more do you really need, as long as you have company you enjoy!

Thanksgiving Tips for Dieters

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