Project - How to Make Paper Twine Bangles

Project - How to Make Paper Twine Bangles
Wear some paper jewelry with a twist – literally! These bangles are made of paper twine and decorated with washi tape. They’re lightweight yet sturdy enough to wear for a day (or night) out on town. Like all other paper jewelry, keep them from getting wet.

You will need:paper twine bangles photo

* Paper twine, about 1-1/2 yards
* Cardstock, the same color as the paper twine
* Washi tape
* Craft felt
* Double-sided tape
* Craft glue (optional)
* Scissors
* Ruler
* Pencil
* Tape measure

Make a fist and measure your hand around the knuckles, leaving enough allowance to let the tape measure slip on and off easily. Add a half inch to this measurement and note the total.

Measure, mark and cut a strip of cardstock that’s as long as the measurement that you noted down, and three to four times as wide as the thickness of the paper twine. Cover one side of the cardstock with double sided tape; remove the backing and join the ends to form a ring with the sticky side out and the ends overlapping by half an inch.

Wrap the paper twine lengthwise around the ring, applying pressure to make it stick, until the cardstock is covered. Trim the ends of the twine diagonally so they don’t stick out.

Tip: If you’d like a thicker, sturdier bangle, apply a coat of glue on the bangle and wind on another layer of paper twine. Trim the ends and let dry before proceeding with the next step; you may need to keep the twine in place with a clip or clothespin until it dries.

Cut a length of paper twine twice the width of the bangle and untwist the paper. Fold the sides and glue it across the width, securing ends to the inside of the bangle with glue. Cut, fold and glue two more pieces at equal distances from the first piece. Cut a length of washi tape and wind it around the paper; repeat with the other two pieces. Apply a coat of Mod Podge on the inside and outside of the bangle. Let dry completely.

Cut a strip of craft felt that’s big enough to fit inside the bangle. Glue it in place and let dry.

Variations: Instead of washi tape, use another color of paper yarn, embroidery floss, vintage book paper, or flatback charms.

You can also opt to not use the cardstock base, although it may be a bit tricky to get the twine lined up nicely. Simply wind the paper twine into the size you want, trim off the excess, and wind some washi tape around the twine. Coat with Mod Podge and let dry.

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