Alternative Therapies Fibromyalgia Solutions

Alternative Therapies Fibromyalgia Solutions
Are alternative therapies Fibromyalgia solutions available? The answer is an unequivocal YES! alternative therapies fibromyalgia woman photo

For fibromyalgia alternative therapies, here’s what you can do. Begin to simplify your life and decrease your stress by sticking to a simple daily routine. Learning how to relax, breathe deeply and meditate can help relieve the depression and anxiety often associated with Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS). Light aerobic exercise such as swimming or walking are also good stress reducers. Start slowly and gradually increase till you’re exercising for at least a half hour four or more days a week.

The chronic pain of fibromyalgia often causes fatigue, so be sure to get as much sleep as you need. Start by going to bed and getting up at the same time every day. Avoid caffeine, sugar and alcohol, especially in the evening. Also, do whatever you can to make your sleeping space quiet, comfortable and relaxing. For example, don’t watch the evening news just before going to bed.

Most importantly, high quality nutrition is the fuel that can help you live a healthy, buoyant, vibrant life. Change your diet to a whole food program. Eat organic whole grains, free-ranging meats, plenty of fresh fish, lots of colorful fruits and vegetables and keep your fat intake below 30% of your calories. Also, drink lots of pure, clean water - at least eight glasses a day. And, if you smoke, stop.

Make sure you’re getting at least a 1,000 i.u.’s of vitamin D too. According to Dr. Michael Holick, director of the Vitamin D, Skin and Bone Research Laboratory at Boston University, people with aching bones and muscles are often simply suffering from a lack of D.

Remember, even when you try to eat healthfully, numerous studies prove you can’t get everything you need from the food you eat. Therefore, whole food supplements are essential to good health and are even being recommended by the American Medical Association. For the best natural whole food nutritional supplements, I recommend you go to

To overcome fibromyalgia, take good care of yourself, eat right, exercise, relax and tell everyone you've got a new prescription to have more fun. Get a massage, take a hot bath, go for a walk with your dog, watch a feel good movie, listen to your favorite music and definitely whistle a happy tune. In other words, put more joy in your life.

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