Cosmic Ordering

Cosmic Ordering
Cosmic Ordering is a fun renaming of the process of positive thinking used in manifestation. You place your order with the cosmos, much like you’d place an order with Amazon, and then wait for your desired outcome, or your cosmic order, to be fulfilled.

However, the process of manifestation is an ancient one, and includes, above all else, the idea of getting in alignment with the Cosmos to allow your greatest good. In other words, creating harmony, or order, in your life is what opens the gateway for the manifestation of true abundance.

If you research this term yourself, you’ll find there are as many outlines, or step processes, as there are authors to write about it. But because I believe the most important part of this process is first being in alignment with our inner divinity, I’ve broken it down just a little bit differently.

Steps to Cosmic Ordering:

Step One – Remember Source Energy is an everywhere present force
The same force that put the galaxies into their spin is also at work in every area of your life. If you believe that something is too challenging or difficult, you have just judged Source Energy as being limited! Remember that Source Energy is the creative power behind everything, seen and unseen. You activate this force within you with the power of your emotions, so if you feel limited, that will be the extent of your creative power. As you are an Infinite Being in a body, the only limitation on these creative forces is your beliefs about them.

Step Two - Align with Divinity
Once you recognize that Source is an everywhere present force, this allows you to drop your judgments (which promote separation, which then causes limitation). You align with your Divinity by remembering you are an Infinite Being in a body, and created to create – just like your Creator.

Step Three - Decide what you want
When you are clear about what you want, your desire is first created in the realm of the unseen, or pure potentiality. As you focus on this desire, it gains enough energy to eventually manifest into this third dimensional reality. If you are not focused, or you keep changing your mind, it will never gain enough energy to manifest. It’s your intention, and focus on taking action in your life that gives your desire the power to manifest. So be really clear about what you want. A very helpful exercise to gain clarity about what you want is to write it out. Clearly describe not only what you want, but why you want it. Then read this every morning before you start your day.

Step Four - Believe that it is possible
You can only receive what you are receptive to, so you have to believe that your desire can manifest into this world for you. When you powerfully believe that you can receive what you desire, the Universe inspires you with an action to take that gives more energy to what you want to create. You have to keep taking inspired actions in order for your desire to manifest into your life.

Often we get so excited about the manifestation process that we start off with something so big, that after the initial excitement wears off, we wonder how we could actually ever manifest it. That doubt reduces the chances of receiving and acting on inspired action – which means your desire has no energy to manifest.

It’s okay to start small, because it gives you more practice!

Step Five - Visualize Your Outcome and Give Thanks
When you want to manifest something wonderful in your life, there may be a part of you, unconsciously of course, that seeks to sabotage your efforts. So it’s important to visualize your desire as already manifested, and then give thanks! It’s this process of believing, and feeling, and giving thanks that causes that unconscious part of you to believe that your desire is already a “done deal” and that there’s no use fighting against something that’s already happened!

You have now placed your Cosmic Order!

Step Six - Allow
When you have placed your Cosmic Order, you may believe that it has to manifest in a particular way, however this may actually limit your greatest good. When you let the Universe decide how it’s delivered (by inspiring to take unknown actions), you open the way for your greatest good.

You do this by listening to divine inspiration. You will very likely be guided to do something that’s a bit out of your comfort zone – it may feel exciting, but also a little scary!

For example, I wanted to attract new people to an online program I’d recently designed. I was asked by the leader of a local meet up group to come speak at an event. I really didn’t feel any sort of alignment with this group, but something just kept telling me to do it – so I did. Over all, her group didn’t get me at all! However, there was one person who was so impressed, she wanted me to come give that same free talk at her office – which I did, and her group filled up my online program!

When I’d first designed my program, I really believed that the only way to fill it was with a vigorous marketing plan! If I’d limited myself to the way I believed my desire had to happen, I never would have gotten that program off the ground!

Step Seven - Check In
On a daily basis you want to read your intentions, and make sure you are in alignment with your divinity. If you start to feel doubt, or judgment, go back to step one!

The Cosmic Ordering process can be a fun one, and it’s a great way to remain focused on our goals, and stay in alignment with our divinity.

Why not drop by the New Age forum & share your manifestation stories or ask questions? Happy manifesting!

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