Six Steps to Conscious Co Creating

Six Steps to Conscious Co Creating
I first heard the term co-creation back when I started studying the law of attraction in the early 2000s. At the time I believed co-creating was when I asked the Universe for stuff, and then it gave me the stuff I asked for.

We are actually in a state of co-creation more than we think. We co-create whenever we are in a relationship with anyone; from that person who cuts in front of us while we’re driving to work, to the kindly barista who adds an extra squirt of vanilla to our coffee because she thinks we are extra sweet!

As our energetic thoughts engage with another person, we co-create an experience.

Often this co-creation process is unconscious, which basically means we are in the flow, and whoever has the strongest intentions will co-create their desires, and the rest of us will be swept along, helping them co-create whatever it is they desire, and we’ll get just whatever Life wants to hand us!

This is why consciously co-creating is so important. We want to live the life that is for our highest and brightest good; a life where we express the brightest version of ourselves. If we are not consciously co-creating, we are basically just waiting for something to happen!

To be a conscious co-creator, and make life happen, try following this six-step process:

1. Recognize that Source Energy (or God) is all there is
When we judge things as good or bad, we have limited our experience of the Infinite. Spirit is present in all things, not just the good.

Everyone, and everything, is an expression of Source energy from the unseen into the seen; that means there is nothing that exists that did not come from Source. So even those things we judge as bad came from the same Source energy as the things we have judged as good.

Each person is expressing this God force at all times; either from their brightest self, or their fearful self. This fearful state will manifest things based in fear, anger, judgment, etc.

When we see Spirit as an everywhere present force, we are able to see Spirit in those limiting situations, which allows beauty to surface, and that energy to express more brightly.

2. Unify with Source
This simply means to align your will with Divine will. Our personal will is very limited; we will tend to focus on material achievement, and manifesting from our limited experience; which means missing out on the good we don’t know about.

Divine will is the force that reminds us of our Divine nature, and leads us to our brightest good, and all that good we haven’t yet been able to imagine.

3. Know what you want to create: Set an intention!
People with clarity are a magnet, and tend to sweep others along with their vision.

People who are wishy-washy tend to get swept up the dreams of others, and never manifest their own greatest good.

Clarity is what moves us forward, and gives us momentum. So set your intention for what it is you want, and then give it attention.

4. Believe in it!
Believing in your intention gives it more energy – you actually create a thought form in the realm of the unseen, and that gives your intention the momentum it needs to move from the unseen into the seen.

Life loves activity, so as you build your thought form, the Universe will send you inspired direction; that next step to take in the manifestation process. Act on this inspiration so you’ll keep receiving the necessary guidance!

5. Give Thanks!
When we give thanks, our fearful, limited mind, that will generally try to talk us out of things, will see this process as a done deal. That’s because when you say thanks, it’s usually because something has been done for you. Being grateful for things yet to come causes the limited mind to believe there’s no sense in trying to change anything, as it must be done already, or you wouldn’t be so grateful for it!

6. Let the Universe do its job
It can be very hard to keep wondering if things are working out when nothing seems to be changing immediately! Often at this stage, people will think nothing is happening, and their limited way of thinking will kick in. They’ll try to force something to happen, which means they may settle for a lesser outcome, or change their course completely, thinking something easier may be better.

This shift pulls energy from the original intention, so it loses its momentum!

At this point, you have to just let go, and go back to step one; seeing God as an everywhere present force. Let the Universe do its job; let yourself receive inspired action, and ONLY act on that inspiration!

Life is an active force designed to move us forward. To be a conscious co-creator is to be fully involved in life, so Life gives us the momentum we need to live the life we desire; a life that’s for our highest and brightest good.

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