Playing Music Reduces Stress

Playing Music Reduces Stress
Numerous studies have shown a clear link between music and lowering of stress and blood pressure. What's interesting is that all types of music seem to work.

One study tracked patients who were going through eye surgery. The patients were allowed to choose their own style of music, whatever they enjoyed. The patients who got to listen to music had a much lower blood pressure rate compared to those patients without music.

Of course, different types of music do a better job. Whey play classical music on hospital wards, it helps reduce the amount of valium people need. Soothing music even helps babies sleep. Most parents know the value of lullabies!

One key with adults is of course if they like the music or not. If someone really hates classical music, and it's played, it may be like slow water torture that raises their blood pressure even higher. You need to find an alternative, soothing, slow paced music to help calm them down.

If you want to lower your blood pressure, find ways to listen to quiet music in your car, in your office, and at home. Get a MP3 player and set up a play list. Classical music has shown to have all sorts of helpful influences on the brain, because of its complex construction. Allow yourself to get lost in listening to the music, for your breathing to slow to match it, and for the stress to dissipate. It of course is good to find music that is slow rather than fast!

If you really dislike classical music, I recommend new age music such as Enya and Clannad, as well as Yanni. This is often slow and gentle but has more of a modern feel to it.

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