Keeping Social Media Social

Keeping Social Media Social
Principals are like prayers - noble, but awkward at a party.
Maggie Smith, portraying Lady Grantham on Downtown Abbey, quipped this during a dinner party. Someone was injecting their political views during a bridal party. The result was a lot of eye rolling and awkward silence. Lady Grantham was stating what we all should know and put into practice - there's a time and place for everything. /While you may have principals which may appeal to most everyone, no one is going to want to hear them spouted during inappropriate times or in ¬¬¬________ venues.

Facebook - fun, family and friends.
This is a medium where you want to post feel good moments and updates. It's a community bulletin board. If you aren't sure what you would like people in your community to know or be aware of, consider the idea of keeping what you pose as cocktail party appropriate. If you aren't going to announce your feelings or happenings in life to an entire group of close friends, don't post it on Facebook. If the intimate detail s of your ovarian cysts, erectile dysfunction, cleaning your cat box or why your ex won't take you back, why would you make sure all your 300+ fringe friends know? FB is a virtual cocktail party. You're going to discuss work, family, life and social happenings. Beyond these topics all you are going to accomplish is to overstep your boundaries, making people irritated and uncomfortable. If you don't believe me, you probably also have no idea how many of your 300+ Facebook friends have chosen to hide all your posts because you have nothing to say that is of any interest to them.

LinkedIn is all about work and what you do in the business portion of your world. There is no need to talk about vacation on LinkedIn. That's not the appropriate medium for your social life. Neither would you go all Instagram on your LinkedIn contacts and post mindless stuff like food and cats.

Tumblr And Twitter
Tumblr and Twitter are small potatoes. Not the type that amounts to the little stuff in the little sense. It just means that anything that gets tumbld or tweeted needs to be short and sweet. No novels or 30 minute videos is not appropriate.

Snapchat, Instagram and Pintrest
Social causes and blogs aren't going to be found on Instagram, Snapchat or Pintrest. Again, keep it in the genre that your social media contacts are looking for.,

If you want to talk religion or politics, or principals or divorces, find a site or two that cater to those causes and ideals. Wouldn't you rather discuss it with like-minded people who share your interests? It's not anyone's job - other than a teacher - to educate people on what one believes to be important. If you rant during a networking event for work, be prepared to make people uncomfortable. The same holds true for social media sites. If you opt to go ahead and post about politics, religion or your very personal life, don't be surprised just how many people stop following you all together. You are blathering on and on and on about stuff no one else gets worked up about will just make them uncomfortable.

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