If You Don't Pick It Up Who Will

If You Don't Pick It Up Who Will
This is a question Mom should have asked you a long time ago - if she didn't, you still need to pick up after yourself. It's too late to claim ignorance now.


Don't just remember to put the seat down - put the lid down too. Ladies, are you reading this? Both the toilet seat and the toilet lid should be put down when you are done using said toilet. No gender is off the hook. Who wants to gaze into the inside of a toilet anyway?

Garbage cans in a private bathroom at home or a public one need to be utilized. Paper towels, tissues, feminine hygiene belong in garbage cans. Used Q-Tips, cotton balls, etc. do not belong on a counter or by the sink. Get them in the garbage. If you miss your mark, bend over, pick it up and get it in there. Because if you don't do it, who do you expect will?

Toothpaste and soap globs need to go down the drain, not left in the sink and not on the counter. Towels have racks for them to be hung. The bathroom floor or the bedroom - especially if the floor is carpeted - are not where your towel should end up. And if you don't hang your towel, who do you expect to make sure it doesn't become rank with mildew before your next shower?

Sprinkles, this includes pee, pubes and body paraphernalia need to be attended to by you. If you don't wipe the seat or sweep up your back hair, who do you suppose is going to? If you think someone else should take on this responsibility, think again. Karma is real. The next time you sit on a toilet seat and it's wet, consider yourself warned. Clean up after yourself.

Kitchen - Home and Work

Breakfast grits, including toast crumbs, coffee drips and other ant trails along the counter need to be attended to. Do you have a bug problem? Unless you start cleaning up after yourself, you can expect a few bugs to come in and make their mark in and around your kitchen.

The same goes for your dishes when you are done. Who in your office enjoys seeing your used coffee cup in the sink at work? Believe me, everyone at your job knows you are the lazy one who takes the last of the coffee and doesn't turn the coffee pot off. They are also tired of you leaving your unwashed cup on the counter and/or in the sink. Your laziness isn't fooling anyone and your co-workers would really like for you to take responsibility for your actions.


Pick it up and place it in the laundry basket. Un-bunch your socks, rather than leave them balled up. Finally, if you want your clothing to last longer and look better, sort it according to both color AND content. When you wash your denim jeans with your sweaters, you will end up with nubbs and stretches and most likely fading as well.

Perhaps Mom didn't ask you to do much because you were a royal pain who whined all the time. Maybe Mom just nagged you so much that you would rather stomp your feet than follow her lead. Regardless of how you were raised, the time has come for you to act like the adult everyone around you expects you to be.

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