I Will Not Be Shaken - Memory Verse

I Will Not Be Shaken - Memory Verse
I can safely say, we've all been disappointed when we've placed hope in earthly things. Today's memory verse - Psalm 62:5-6, from the Bible - is for the times I need hope that is secure.

I walked into the hospital and asked directions to the correct corridor and room. I'd come for the tests my doctor had ordered. Nothing serious -
probably. I'd placed my confidence in my physician. She said it was only a precaution. I placed my hope in her judgement. Still, I felt a little shaky about the findings.

While waiting my turn, I thought back to the days I had accompanied my husband to various doctor appointments and labs. I was his encouragement, support while he waited for an unknown prognosis. That's what we'd vowed to do. Support one another. Lean on each other.

I had confidence, when it was my turn, my husband would be at my side. I counted on him to encourage and support me through any crisis. But things didn't go the way I'd hoped. Now he was in the presence of the Lord, while I sat in the waiting room alone. I admit to feeling a bit shaky.

    Throughout life I've placed my confidence, my hope, in various strong authority figures.
  • Parents Children begin by placing their hope there. I grew up. They grew old. Some children learn early on they can't place hope in parents. Sometimes parents aren't reliable. Sometimes not kind, not supportive.

  • Government I've learned that government officials will disappoint me, even when my favorite official is in office. Being frail, sinful people like the rest of us, they will stumble.

  • The church It's easy to put too much hope, too much confidence in a spiritual leader. They may have dedicated their lives to serving the Lord, but they're still frail, sinful people. I learned I can't put my hope in the leaders of a denomination or even my local church. Leaders disappoint, no matter how well-meaning.

What can I depend on? There is one stable, reliable place of hope.

In Psalm 62:5-6, David, who knew what it was like to be disappointed in government, in friends, and in family, wrote he would wait for God alone. David?s hope was from God. God was his rock and salvation.
  • Rock - someone who is extremely strong, reliable, unmovable, foundational, supportive

  • Salvation - to save, help in distress, rescue, deliver, set free
    With God as his rock, David proclaimed "I will not be shaken."

Hebrews 13:6 gives God's promise. "I will never leave you nor forsake you." And a reminder "The Lord is my helper, I will not fear, what can man do to me?"

With this promise, I'll rise every morning with the memory verse. "I will not be shaken!"

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