Can Fragrance Make You Magically Powerful?

Can Fragrance Make You Magically Powerful?
They say there's magic in the aroma of a well crafted perfume blend. It can have you recalling events from your past because of a whiff you got passing someone on the street. It's also said that fragrance can transcend lifetimes and have you being familiar with a blend that hasn’t existed in your present lifetime. Can this be so?

Scents, perfumes and fragrances (often referring to the same bottle) can remind you of things from your child hood, a special occasion or an elder that once wore a certain blend.

Falling In Love With Perfume Blends

Have you ever gotten a sample of a particular perfume and instantly knew that it would be your "Signature Scent"? Everything about it was just right when you took your first whiff. The way the aroma captured your attention as you waved it past your nose ... the intoxicating beauty of the smell as it rose from the skin of your body ... the way it turned heads as you walked pass strangers and entered a room ...

You make it your own by blending it with other notes and layering it with body lotions and luxurious body oils. Yes, this is what’s known as falling in love with a perfume blend.

What makes it Uniquely You? Is it a vintage classic such as Chanel No 5? Or is it deep and mysterious like Opium? Does it have a gentle enticing floral aroma from Oscar De La Renta or is it the Scent of Her by Boss? It could be each and everyone of these reasons, only you will be able to answer to its uniqueness.

Does the scent of a perfume center you? Does it remind you to slow down and enjoy the beauty of the world? Does it make you connect with the layers of its intricately woven accord?

There's Power In ...

The art and science of perfumery can transcend dimensions. Can fragrance make you magically powerful? Indeed it can and it often does. When applied to pulse points, a aromatic blend is capable of having you travel through time. Enjoy the beautifully scented journey!

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