Uncertain Times - Bible Remedy

Uncertain Times - Bible Remedy
We hear a lot about the uncertain times in which we live. Uncertain, meaning we don’t know what will happen tomorrow, or next year. Uncertain, meaning we have no control of the future.

The fact is, it isn’t just the times. Life is uncertain and always has been. When have we ever been absolutely sure of what will happen next? Plans don’t always proceed the way we thought. We set goals that are often not achieved.

Uncertainty produces anxiety. Anxiety produces all kinds of physical responses. Agitation, restlessness, panic attacks, tension, irritability, sleep disorders. None of them comfortable. In my adult life, I’ve found that the best I can do is get used to living with one life surprise until the next thing appears. The next epidemic or pandemic. The next civil unrest, financial crisis, or simply the next step in the aging process.

Only one certainty exists – Jesus Christ, his love, his peace.

Read history. Read the Bible. Times have always been hard. We have in the past, and will experience in the future, unrest, stress, anxiety. God has always known his children will live in uncertain times. He gave us his word to guide us through. He gave us the Bible to bring us back to certainty. That certainty is the only true peace.

Isaiah 26:3 tells us that the mind that is steadfast on God, will be kept in perfect peace.

    Philippians breaks it down.

  • Philippians 4:4 Tells me to rejoice in the Lord. I am to feel and to show delight in what God provides. When I look at all I have to be thankful for, I remember God’s love.

  • 4:6 says “Don’t be anxious.” Instead, pray with thanksgiving. Let those uncertainties and stress shape my conversation with God.

  • 4:7 assures me God’s peace will replace anxiety and guard my heart.

  • 4:8. Instead of obsessing over news reports, or the problems that always seem to fill my day, I am to think about what is true. God’s word is true. Think about what is honorable, just and pure. Remember what is lovely, commendable, excellent, and worthy of praise. These are the things of God.

  • Practice what the Bible teaches and the God of peace will be at hand.

I am not in control. The only certainty in life is God’s plan for me. I may not know where it will lead, but I know it is the safest place to be. And that is peace.

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