How to Blend Essential Oils for Natural Perfume

How to Blend Essential Oils for Natural Perfume
Blending essential oils for natural perfumes can be fun and exciting. With a bit of practice, you can create a perfume blend that you'll enjoy many years to come. Once you've decided on the natural fragrance you'd have as your personal scent, preparing it should be next on your agenda.

However, bear it in mind that whatever fragrance may be your signature scent now, may become your worse scent in a few years. So, be careful about making permanent commitment to any natural perfume just yet.

To make your own essential oil perfume, simply get your desired essential oil, a carrier oil, and your perfume bottle.

To a 10ml bottle, add about 11 to 12 drops of essential oils. Shake the bottle to combine the oils, then fill up the bottle with the carrier oil, shake up the mixture and you’re good to go.

Essential oil perfumes are best applied on pulse areas for greater enjoyment.

Blending Formula

There's a simple formula with which you can rightly achieve your seasonal blends of essential oils. This formula finds its root in the strength of an oil’s fragrance, known as its blending factor.

If for example, your natural perfume is a floral blend, of sandalwood, rose and lavender oils, then your blending formula would be:

  • Rose, with a blending factor of 1

  • Sandalwood, with a blending factor of 6

  • Lavender, with a blending factor of 7

  • Total blending factor of 14

For this blend, we need a total of 12 drops of essential oils, then the number of drops for each oil can be calculated below:
You can obtain the blending factor percentage of each oil using:

  • Rose

  • Sandalwood

  • Lavender

For the number of drops of each essential oil:

  • Rose : 7% × 12 = 1 drop

  • Sandalwood: 43% × 12 = 5 drops

  • Lavender: 50% × 12 = 6 drops.

So in your bottle, mix 1 drop of rose oil, 5 drops of sandalwood oil, and 6 drops of lavender oil to get your desired fragrance.

Seasonal Essential Oil Perfume Blends

To make the personal scent decision a lot easier, you can choose either of the blends below that have been outlined according to seasons.

Autumn Mix

  • Lime oil – 3 drops

  • Orange oil – 6 drops

  • Sage oil – 3 drops

Winter Special

  • Grapefruit oil – 6 drops

  • Pine needle oil – 4 drops

  • Wintergreen oil – 2 drops

Fall Goodness

  • Clove oil – 2 drops

  • Orange oil – 6 drops

  • Nutmeg oil – 2 drops

  • Cinnamon oil – 2 drops

Crusty Earth

  • Neroli oil – 1 drop

  • Patchouli oil – 3 drops

  • Cedarwood oil – 4 drops

  • Vetiver oil – 1 drop

  • Palmarosa oil – 3 drops

These blending suggestions should give you a head start into creating a natural perfume that you’ll enjoy throughout the year.

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