Perfume The Story of a Murderer - Review

Perfume The Story of a Murderer - Review
Perfume: The Story of a Murderer has been watched by millions of people. It's a movie done in 2006 chronicling the life of a young man who was born with an incredible ability to smell and discern scents.

If you sit down to watch the movie and study it as if it were a book on essential oils, you will gain so much knowledge. You will see what it means to a true artisan to work with these oils.

The lead character is a young man by the name of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille. His ability to smell for miles is what enables him to ultimately get a job and learn, or I should say, perfect his skills as a perfumer.

He becomes The Apprentice of one of the top perfumers in the world. Yet his Mentor Giuseppe Baldini, can't figure out what's in the competitor's perfume, which has literally moved his business out of the limelight.

Jean Baptiste's character is able to recreate the scent of the competitor, to perfection. Then he tells Baldini that it’s not a good perfume. That he can make a better one. He also says that he knows every scent. Baldini proceeds to reprimand him, telling him no one knows every scent.

He precedes to make the new blend and Baldini tells him to leave. Once he's gone, the scent is so intoxicating that he's created, until it immediately makes Baldini feel as though he's in a flower garden.

Jean-Baptiste, born into poverty, is purchased from his owner by Baldini, because he knows that he can make him wealthy.

Becoming A Murderer In Order to Capture Scent

Jean-Baptiste wants to learn how to extract the scent from everything.
As such, it leads him to murdering young women to extract the essence that he smells coming off of them. Yes, this is sick, twisted and perverted. However, what you witness in this movie is the power of scent. Especially the scent of essential oils and how blending them can create aromas that will transport you to different places/dimensions.

This young man was born with this talent. A savant, if you will. For most of us, it takes years of study, practice, trial and error to create a perfume of worth. His mentor, Baldini, teaches him what he can about "proper" blending techniques. In exchange he delivers recipes and blends that will make Baldini a wealthy man for life.

It is said that the Egyptians used 13 essences to create the ultimate perfume blend. Yet the 13th was never revealed, because Baldini didn’t know what it was.

As you would guess Jean-Baptiste discovered it through trial and error.

You'll never get the true essence of the movie from this article. It's a fascinating movie to watch. The essence of the oils were so powerful until he was able to control an entire town with his creation. It’s worth a watch. If you’ve seen the movie, watch it again with a different eye. You’ll be surprised at what you learn.

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