Hummis / Hummus Information

Hummis / Hummus Information
Hummis is spelled many different ways - usually either hummis or hummus. It is a middle eastern dish and often offered as an appetizer at middle eastern restaurants. Hummis is a healthy treat of chickpea paste, olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice. In your grocery store you usually find it in the deli area with the cheeses.

Hummis has a very low glycemix index - 6. For 2 tablespoons of hummis, depending on the brand, you typically get 5g of carbs - of which a full THREE is fiber!! So that is only 2g net carbs, plus you're helping to meet your fiber requirements for the day.

There's also 3g of protein. You get 2g of fat but there are no saturated fats or trans fatty acids.

While you shouldn't guzzle this stuff down by the vat-load, it is PERFECT for putting on celery sticks, for example.

Celery sticks have only 0.8g of net carbs per half cup - they are full of fiber, and in fact they are so "hard" for your stomach to digest that many scientists believe that they burn more calories in digestion than you get from them by eating them. Fiber is of course very good for you, and celery is quite filling. Celery has 1g fiber per half cup.

Another option is radish sticks - radish is only 0.5g per half cup. Crunchy radish sticks and hummis are very tasty, and nicely low carb. You also get 1g of fiber per serving here too!

Other common options are cauliflower - 1.5g net carbs plus 1.2g fiber. You can also go with broccoli - 1.7g net carbs, 1.1g fiber. Both can easily be chopped into bite-size pieces and become much more yummy with a little hummis.

Can you make your own hummis? Certainly! There are many recipes out there to quickly blend some up. To be honest, it's easier for me to just run down tot he deli and get a variety of flavors. I tend towards the garlic varieties since garlic is just SO good for you.

Your daily fiber intake should be:

Women < 50 = 25g
Women > 50 = 21g

Men < 50 = 38g
Men > 50 = 30g

Make sure you get ample fiber into your daily menu, for healthy weight loss and healthy life in general!

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