The Death Tarot Card

The Death Tarot Card
The Fool leaves the Hanged Man behind as he ventures deeper and deeper into the Dark Forest. The trees are getting closer together as he struggles to find his way around them. There is no daylight, just complete darkness. Even the snow cannot find it's way into the denseness of the heart of this place. His little dog Wisdom whimpers and stays close to the Fool's feet.

This is the part of the journey that the Fool fears the most. He was told by the beings in the Wheel of Fortune that he must walk through the darkness of his soul. And, the Fool finds that his soul just might be a very scary place.

After days of walking, he comes upon a man on a white horse. The man is actually made completely out of bones, a skeleton, which is the only thing that remains of the body after the flesh is gone. He is wearing armor that indicates that he is unconquerable. No one can conquer Death.

Around him, in ghostly form are people from all walks and ages of life. And they all bow before him. Death does not discriminate. The white horse is a symbol of purification. Death cleanses and purifies the soul. The banner he carries is the darkness of death, but the white flower on it speaks of rebirth. The Sun rising in the background is the light of life shining through the darkness of death. Death is all about endings, new beginnings, and most of all, transformation.

The man raises a bony finger and points in the direction of the Fool. The Fool understands that he must let go of all he believes to be true in order to find his true identity.

Where did I come from? he wonders.

He doesn't remember a time before he appeared on the edge of the cliff. But, he has learned enough in his travels to know that he must have been a child once. After all, when he was part of the Empress he had children. And, he learned about physical love when he met the Lovers.

Did I have parents?

Did I have a home?

These questions and others wind around and through the Fool's mind as he huddles cold and afraid in the darkness, with Wisdom curled up in his arms.

The hardest idea for the Fool to accept is that he has no real identity of his own. Until recently, he has been a part of everyone he met. Everything he has learned has come to him through the minds and bodies of the people in the Land of Tarot. But, who is he?

The Fool wanders through the forest, sleeps when he is exhausted and he and Wisdom eat the food he has stored in the bundle he still carries on his shoulder.

Day and night doesn't exist here. There is no one here but the trees and darkness. The Fool has no idea how to get to the other side of this forest of darkness and back into the light.

As he trudges on, he begins to have flashes in his mind of a time before he was the Fool. He has been on this journey many times before. And, every time he takes this journey it is different. He has dim memories of meeting the people, seeing the places and finding his destiny. This is his purpose. He is doing what he has done a thousand times before. And, he loves what he does.

The Fool, sitting in the darkness, comes to the realization that his life has purpose, and that he is doing exactly what he is supposed to be doing. As soon as he comes to this understanding, he falls into the first restful sleep he has had in many days.

When he awakens, he finds that he and Wisdom are not in the forest anymore. They are sitting in the light on the other side. Snow is lightly falling around them, and the air is fresh and clean. The Fool looks down and sees that he is wearing a whole new outfit. He is dressed in red pants, a white shirt, and he is wearing a dark blue cape. Even Wisdom had been transformed from the silver color she became when the Fool became the Hermit. She was now a beautiful black and white dog.

The Fool had found his ending and his new beginning in that dark Forest. And now, he has been transformed into a new and stronger version of himself.

If the Death cards appears in your reading, it harkens definite endings. Your life is going to totally change. But, by letting go of everything connected with your past, you can begin again. Expect to be changed and transformed like the phoenix rising from the ashes. The change is radical, but always needed.

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