A Daily Angel Routine

A Daily Angel Routine
There is a common belief among those new to working with the angels that they should only call upon angelic support in times of dire emergency. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Where they have been known to save people from dangerous situations, without being asked, the angels are actually here to support you in expressing the brightest version of your Self.

Guardian Angels
Your guardian angel is a constant companion, and has been with you from the moment you individuated from Source energy. They support you and provide you with loving assistance through both your soul experiences, and your experiences of being a Soul in a body. And, depending on your particular path, you may have new angels join you for the purpose of supporting you in a particular situation or circumstance.

The archangels have a more far reaching purpose that extends throughout all of creation. Though they may not be someone’s personal guardian angel, they are available to support you in any way necessary, no matter the circumstance. And, as they are a very high-frequency being of light and energy, they have the ability to support more than one person at a time. So don’t think that just because you ask them for help with something that it will take them away from a more serious situation. They are unlimited beings, and can be in many places at once.

You can also ask a particular archangel to be with you, or a friend or loved one, on a daily basis. You may want to ask Archangel Michael to be with your children at all times, or ask Archangel Raphael to be with a sick friend or relative. You might want to ask Archangel Gabriel to help you with developing and trusting your intuition.

A Daily Routine
As the angels are here to support your experience, they are not going to intervene unless absolutely necessary. This means they will allow you to make choices, even when they suppress your divine nature. So it is important to establish a daily routine if you really want to work with them on a regular basis.

When you wake in the morning, try calling on the angels first thing. Ask for any support you think you may need throughout the day, and ask for the blessings of light and love. Try the following affirmations and allow yourself to feel the presence of the angels.

I am blessed by the Light and Love of pure Source energy.
I ask to feel the loving presence of my angels.
I ask for divine guidance, and the courage to act on it.
I ask for harmony and peace to fill my home, and to follow me through my day.
I ask for support in making choices that allow me to express the brightest version of my Self.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

When you connect with the angels on a daily basis, life just seems brighter and more loving. You will feel more intuitive, and have a greater awareness of the light present in all situations. All you need to do is ask.

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