Word - Table Techniques II – Column & Row Width, Tab Stops, and Bullets

Word - Table Techniques II – Column & Row Width, Tab Stops, and Bullets
Adjusting Column Width
When your insertion point is in a table, you will see small “table” replicas on the alignment ruler called Table Column Markers. These boxes define the placement of the column borders and can be used to adjust the column width. You can also adjust the column width by grabbing a column border on the table and dragging it. Adjust your column widths from left to right because Word will adjust other columns as needed to accommodate the table within the margins.

Caution: Your insertion point must be within your table structure to adjust the borders. Make sure you have not selected a cell, or row before attempting to adjust a column. When a cell or row is selected, you will be adjusting the cell border as opposed to the column border.

Adjusting Row Width
You can adjust the row width similarly to the column by grabbing a row border and dragging it. Use the Page or (Print) Layout view to see the Row Border Markers on the vertical ruler. These ruler markers define the placement of the row border and can be used to adjust the row height.

Setting and Adjusting Tab Stops
The technique for setting tab stops is essentially the same; select the type of tab and click on the gray border of the ruler below the increment you want in the cell or column. To adjust the position of the tab, click on the tab symbol on the ruler and drag to new position. Remember that you must select the cells for which you want to set the tab stops. To use a tab within a cell, press Ctrl + Tab.

Getting Above the Table ,(when it is on the first line of your document)
If you create a table on the first line of your document, you may find that you need to place text above it. To insert a line above the table, place your insertion point in the first position of the first cell of your table and press the ENTER key. This will insert a text line above the table.

Bullets and Numbered Lists
You can use bullets and numbered lists within your table the same way you would in a normal paragraph style. One technique is to insert a narrow column on the far left of your table, select the entire column; and click on the numbered list button to number the rows of your table.

Using Tabbed Text in MS Word
MS Word - Creating a Table out of Tabbed Text
MS Word Table Techniques – Navigation and Selecting

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