How to Make a Desk Set for Dad

How to Make a Desk Set for Dad

This is a great gift for dad, but it can be customized for mom or a grandparent.

For this project you will make a pen holder, paperweight and journal or notebook cover.

Who can do this project:

7-11 year old

What you need:

• An interesting shaped bottle, with large opening (this will become the pen holder)
• A fist sized rock with a flat side (this will become the paper weight)
• A composition book or steno pad (this will be the notebook to cover)
• Masking tape
• Shoe polish- black, brown or oxblood
• Old rag (approximately 12” by 12”)

What you do:

1. Wash the bottle to make sure it is clean, set it to dry
2. Wash the rock to make sure it is clean, set it to dry
3. While they are drying you can start working on the notebook
4. Tear little pieces of masking tape- smaller than 1” and apply to the cover. Cover the whole cover with these little pieces of tape, being sure to overlap.
5. This takes a while, so if you get tired you can set it aside and work on it again tomorrow.
6. When you start again you will continue putting the little pieces of masking tape on the cover, when you are at the edges fold pieces around the edge of the cover
7. When you are finished with the cover set this part of the project aside.
8. Also, tear little pieces of masking tape and start covering the bottle. Start at the top edge and go all around the rim of the bottle with little pieces of making tape folding it over inside the rim.
9. When the rim is completely covered go to the bottom of the bottle and start in the center of the bottom and rip and place little bits of making tape to cover the bottom and start moving up the side of the bottle. Be sure to always cover over the other pieces of tape and make sure no parts of the bottle are visible
10. When you are done with the bottle set it aside.
11. Time to start on the paper weight. You will also cover the entire rock with little bits of masking tape, covering over the edges of other pieces you have taped to the rock.
12. When you have tape covering all three items take a minute to hold each one in your hand and smooth down any edges that are not tightly taped.

How to finish:

1. With the rag over your finger, rub your finger over the shoe polish. Then rub the shoe polish over the bits of tape on the bottle. Continue to dab and rub till you have shoe polish rubbed over the entire bottle. This will cause the entire bottle to look like old leather.
2. Follow the same procedure for the rock and notebook.
3. Cut a piece of felt to go on the bottom of the rock and clue it on to protect the desk.
4. If you are doing this project for your mom or grandma do you think they would like a different color than the shoe polish? If so, you can finish it by getting a stamp pad the color you want to use and follow the same directions as with the shoe polish….
5. When they are all colored, use a clean section of the cloth and rub it well so it is shiny and also to make sure there is not shoe polish residue that will come off on your dad or mom’s hand.
6. I think it is done now, but you will need to check to see if it will need a coat of spray varnish.

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