How To Develop Your Perfumes Personality

How To Develop Your Perfumes Personality
Perfumes are powerful accessories so you shouldn’t go to important business meetings, parties and even simple gatherings without wearing your signature scent.

It can change your mood, calm your senses, perk up the ambiance and entice a lover. But you need to get the perfect balance between overpowering and faint.

First step is to discover your perfume personality. Mind you, with the overwhelming number of fragrances in the market, it may take a while to find your signature scent but it should be a nice experience testing perfumes every weekend or whenever you’re free to enjoy the various scents.

To simplify the process, you need to learn the basic types. Floral is extracted from flowers and the most common are rose, carnation, lavender, jasmine and sunflower. Think of your favorite flower and look for the essential oil version.

Almost every popular brand offers floral scents so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding one to your liking.

Another type is green which as the name suggests is extracted from green environments. Think freshly-cut grass, ferns and fresh leaves. It's refreshing and invigorating. So if you want your scent to pick up your mood, you may want to try this.

Woodsy fragrances are rich and natural. They capture the scents of patchouli, cedar and sandalwood to name a few. It’s earthy, versatile and suit most personalities.

Oriental perfumes are not for all occasions or people. It takes a powerful personality to be able to wear this one. It is strong and sensual so you may want to reserve it for special occasions like when sealing a very big deal for the company or a black-tie event. Musk and sweet vanilla scents are examples of this type.

Ideally, you should switch perfumes as the season changes because temperatures has a lot to do with how the scent would smell. Winter is favorable for heavier scents while summer calls for light and fresh scents. It is really up to the wearer what type of personality he/she wants to exude.

You may give a hint of your true personality or do the opposite if you’re feeling experimental. To make your fragrance last longer, you might want to layer it.

For example, you are drawn to the green tea smell, don't only buy the perfume but the whole toiletry set. The soap, lotion, shaving cream, bubble bath and closet freshener each add a layer to your smell. You don’t even need to spray the scent every four hours. Instead, as the day wears off, you can exude different interesting scents and that makes it more exciting.

Your body chemistry is the secret ingredient as to how a given scent will react on you. It will help you determine what aroma's will cast a sensual scent or one that will make the receiver of your body odor, run and look for someone else with a more pleasant smell.

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