Facts and Fallacies about Perfumes

Facts and Fallacies about Perfumes
All over the world, perfumes are believed to be from the French word “parfum,” which is actually just the translation of the word. Actually, perfumes originated from the Latin word “per fumum,” which literally means “through smoke.”

Many centuries ago, perfumes are based on incense that we sometimes burn today. They are scented smokes that mask repulsive ones instead of eradicating the bad odor, which therefore creates a neutral atmosphere.

The natural aromas, fragrance extracts from plants and fruits and odors are usually where the basic components of the perfume come from and this is still widely used even when alcohol-based perfumes have been invented.

Due to many propagandas and advertisements, a lot of people believe that when you use a certain perfume you would totally have all-day freshness and fragrance. The fact is that perfumes are not created to have a lasting effect because you would be suffering from its saturating effect. It is created in such a way that the fragrance will disappear in a period of time.

Many companies are creating more and more alcohol-based perfumes that are extremely volatile. All of these products are created uniquely from each other although the base components are the same. The difference lies in the scent that they give off.

Many would argue that natural scents are duplicated through modern technology but the reality is that natural scents especially those that come from plants are extremely difficult to duplicate.

The Jasmine scent for example is impossible to duplicate. Therefore, all scents that are artificially created are not exactly duplicates of the original scents.

However, there are essential oils used in perfumes available in the market today but they are relatively expensive than those that are artificially created through technology. Technology can only do as much when it comes to replicating and mass-producing scents but they are not mirror image of the original scents.

Do not be misled by the common notion that technology is able to produce a product that depicts the real thing. The fact is that nothing really beats natural scents coming from plant extracts.

The scent is overwhelming and very pleasing to our sense of smell. If used properly, these scents especially the natural ones could be used for relaxation, which is actually the base principle of aromatherapy.

Have you ever experienced smelling something so repulsive and you suffered headache after such as smoke, burnt odor and other extremes? Well, this is because our sense of smell is 10,000 times stronger than the rest of our senses.

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