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December 31 2005 Beer and Brewing Newsletter

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Hangover Cures - A Beer Fox Guide
Your sexy cleavage enhances that sultry look, while those blonde highlights and Parisian L'Oreal eyes seem to make your spirit come alive.  You are ready to party!
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Shangy's - The Beer Authority - A Utopia for Beer Lovers
Nestled in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania, just 100 miles west of New York City and 50 plus miles north of Philadelphia, is a utopia for beer lovers, Shangy's: The Beer Authority.
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Beer Fox Tip of the Week:

Have fun over the New Year Holiday!  Give yourself time to bond with your family or friends.  Have fun and love them for all your worth!  Give up honor of driving if you have imbibed in alcoholic beverages. Take their keys if they have been drinking more than a healthy amount but still insist on driving home.  Your guests may get mad at you, but you will never forget the pain if disaster should follow their decision to drive.  Besides, you can taunt them with a big breakfast while they moan about their hangover.  It'll be fun!!!

It is common for all of us to think we are okay to operate a car or our nice, big pick-up truck.  If you are in an accident after drinking, the repercussions can be financially or physically debilitating.  If you think a cop might flag you, make the decision, instead, to stay the night, call a cab, or allow a non-drinker to take you home.  Be sure the non-drinker truly was a non-drinker.

If you are giving a party, resist the temptation to refill the glasses of your guests before they are empty.  You may think you are being a good host, but this practice makes it more difficult for the social drinker to keep track of the quantities they consume.

Have a Happy New Year!

Beer Fox Laugh of the Week:

A woman walks into a bar with her 5 pound Chihuahua and sits down next to this guy, whom she notices is feeling a little bit queasy. A few minutes go by and the guy looks at her and blows his chunks. He looks down and sees the little dog struggling in a pool of vomit and says, "Whoa, I don't remember eating that!"


There's this drunk standing out on the street corner, and a cop passes by, and says, "What do you think you're doing?" The drunk says, "I heard the world goes around every 24 hours, and I'm waiting for my house. Won't be long now, there goes my neighbor."

Beer News:

Pierre Celis, legendary brewer who founded Celis Brewing in Austin, Texas in the 1990s, is ironing out the details of a deal that may bring him back from Belgium to the USA.  In 2000, Celis Brewing was shut down by Miller Brewing Company, Celis' business partner at the time.

The Celis Brand continues to be sold in Texas, but is brewed by Michigan Brewing Company.  Celis will not be able to associate his name to his new beer because Michigan Brewing bought the rights to the name when they made the deal with Miller.

A confidentiality agreement prohibits details revealing what brewery is involved, but Christine Celis, daughter of Pierre and former president of Celis Brewing, made a statement  saying that Celis  may return to the Texas area within the next few months.

He intends to make Belgian-style beers:  Peach, Brussels White, and Brussels Grand Cru.

Craft Brew of the Week Award:

St. Sebastiaan Grand Reserve - Brouwerij Sterkens N.V., Meer, Belgium
Style - Belgian Strong Pale Ale

A single batch of Grand Reserve is brewed each year, and this is a beauty.  This  limited edition Belgian Ale comes in a cream-colored ceramic bottle with swing top.

The Egyptians said that the topaz gem was colored with the golden glow of the mighty Sun God Ra.  This Belgian beauty glitters clear topaz with a creamy, dense off-white head and delicate sheets of lacing that cling generously to the inside of the crystal.

Aromas are a complex mix of pineapple, grapefruit and peaches, with sweet malt and brown sugar.  Spiced rum and pepper drift to your olfactory senses.

Maltiness comes forth in the taste, along with the fruit delights of peaches and grapefruit, cinnamon, licorice and rum, with a bitter bite that lingers in the throat.

Mouthfeel is extraordinarily smooth, like the velvet touch of angels.  Perhaps angels brewed this!  Spectacular!


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Carolyn Smagalski, Beer and Brewing Editor

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