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March 20 2005 Beer and Brewing Newsletter

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Beer Lovers - Central Indiana Beer Appreciation Society
Beer appreciation is spread throughout the American landscape in the form of homebrew clubs, brewery tour groups, and beer lovers clubs. One such group is CIBAS.
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Beer Fox Tip of the Week:

Never drink beer from a frosted glass!  When beer hits the thin layer of ice that makes the glass frosty, condensation occurs.  You may think that the resultant diluted beer will not be different enough to notice, but water can affect the tastes in softer or harder beers, altering the enjoyability of your favored brew.

Frosted glasses can also alter the serving temperature of beer - a Belgian ale, for instance, develops more complex flavors as it warms.

Hand wash your beer glassware, and rinse well.  Soap and chemical residue from dishwashers can affect head retention or alter flavors and aromas. Avoid head-killing dust particles by allowing your glassware to air-dry.

Be aware that foods with fat in them (cheeses, pepperoni, burgers, and buttery cakes, for example) can kill that rocky head on your favorite beer.  If you wish to eat them with beer, be aware that you can't do a "beer tasting and evaluation" for head and lacing.

Beer Fox Laugh of the Week:

In America, if you want to split the cost of an evening out, you say you are "going Dutch," since the Dutch are well known for their frugality.

The Dutch, on the other hand, call the same arrangement "op z'n Amerikaans" (going American) because the Americans are known for their egalitarian nature!

In English, the bird "turkey" was named as though it came from Turkey.

In Turkish, the bird is named "hindi" as though it came from "Hindistan", which is Turkish for India. (Any Hindi speakers wish to comment on the Hindi name of a turkey?)

French fries aren't really French. In fact, they were invented by the English, who call them chips.

The French call them "pommes frites" or "fried apples [of the earth]".

In Wien (the German name for Vienna), they like to eat Frankfurters.

In Frankfurt, they eat the same thing, but call them Wieners.

Furthermore, when Japanese add spices and put it on a stick, they call it American Dog.

When Americans add spices and put it on a stick, they call it French Dog.

When French add spices and put it on a stick, they call it Corn Dog.

Beer News:

Stone Brewing in San Marcos, California is one of the fastest growing brewers in the United States.  This year's vintage beer is Old Guardian Barleywine Style Ale 2005.  It sports a heavy 11.26% ABV.

The front label bears the motto, "Guarding against a narrow world view," a reflection of Greg Koch, CEO of Stone Brewing.  Check out Koch's incredible message on the back label, one that speaks of the need to embrace all cultures in global brotherhood:
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Craft Brew of the Week Award:

Transatlantique Kriek - New Belgium Brewing Co., Fort Collins, Colorado USA

Style - Belgian Style Kriek Lambic

A cherry lambic of clear Garnet color with pink, rocky head.  You will discover undertones of malt , enhanced by an up-front tartness of cherries and deluxe, creamy texture, blessed by a subtle, clean finish.


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Have fun passing this message along to family and friends, because we all love free knowledge!

Carolyn Smagalski, Beer and Brewing Editor 

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