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March 2 2010 Body Art Newsletter

Greetings, Body Art Fans!

If there's one thing that I get asked a lot in emails, it's if people have to draw their own tattoos, or if it costs more to have the tattoo artist draw it up if they can't find something they like. Nearly all my work has been drawn up by the tattoo artist I went to get the work done. I bring along some images for ideas and inspirations and then they work up something original. A few of my small designs were done "as-is," meaning I found something that didn't need any size or artistitic changes, and once I had an artist work freestyle right on my chest after he and I had swapped my artistic inspirations and he'd shown me sketches of what that brought to mind for him.

Right now, I'm trying something new I've never done for a tattoo design before. I'm doing a trade with a friend who is an artist, where I'm redoing his website for him and he's going to draw up a large-scale tattoo design for me. We're just starting, but I'll let you all know how that works out as we progress.

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You can upload your tattoo pictures to Bellaonline and then rate your favorites! It's fun and free, and you can upload or vote here.

If you have a body art question, please come on over to the online forum. It's a great place for chatting about body art and getting an answer.

I really love your feedback and welcome your questions, so if you have something to tell me or ask, please send an e-mail or drop by the forum! Please pass this message along to family and friends who you know are interested.

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