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October 23 2007 Cleaning Newsletter

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Good, clean ideas for a good, clean home


By Kathryn Weber, BellaOnline Cleaning Editor




October 10, 2007


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Hello fellow cleaner!

Hope this email finds you doing well and enjoying the beautiful fall weather.  The last time I wrote, I told you all about an event where I was speaking.  It was so much fun to talk to an audience who are enthusiastic about cleaning up and clearing out.  We talked about how I use this time of year to really get going on cleaning.  Why now?  With the fall weather, we will be closing up our houses and I don't want to be stuck inside with all that grit and grime from the spring and summer.  I also want to do extra cleaning so I can enjoy the holiday season...

Clean now for the holidays
Most people think I am crazy for doing what I call my "fall push." I take extra steps to clean out clutter, clean thoroughly and get the house ready for the upcoming holidays and New Year. I find that if I clean out the china cabinet and polish silver and do all the extra cleaning, such as steam-cleaning carpets and decluttering, then the house is ready for the holidays -- and I can enjoy them instead of trying to get the turkey in the oven and polish the silver at the same time.

You'd be amazed at how much more you enjoy the holidays when your house is clean and decluttered beforehand. You can concentrate on wrapping, baking, shopping -- or whatever you enjoy most at holiday-time. I hope you will give it a shot and try it this year.

The 2008 Cleaning Calendar is here. It's got 44 pages of checklists and helpful hints and schedules to help you keep your house clean from top to bottom. You can order a hard-copy or a downloadable version this year too. AND -- because of so many requests -- I have even included when to change your mascara and toothbrushes in this updated version! I know you will love it. It really helps me "keep it all together" around the house.
 If you liked the free housecleaning schedule I sent out a few weeks ago, you'll really love this calendar.  I'm crazy for checklists -- and this is full of them.  I'll also throw in a free grocery shopping list.  Print it off and then have it printed double-sided.  It's in a booklet format that my Real Home E-Zine readers (and I) love. 

Until next time...a clean house is a happy house!



Kathryn Weber

Cleaning Editor for Bellaonline



Get ready for the holidays now! 

Holiday Cleaning Tips




How to Clean Your Pots and Pans

The TV chefs all cook with gleaming pots and pans. How to make your pots and pans sparkle and shine.Read the full article:



The Cleaning calendar that helps you end the power struggle with your house. Keeping a clean home is about knowing what to clean when. It's not a cleaning book that talks about cleaning -- it's a step by step schedule of WHAT TO DO WHEN. I've got this all down to a COMPLETE SYSTEM that works!

And why do I want to share it?
Because I KNOW
what it’s like to feel incompetent at housekeeping
Because I KNOW how it feels to be EMBARRASSED for people to come over
Because I KNOW YOU are tired of not being able to FIND anything
Because I KNOW how DEPRESSING it is to live with mess, filth, clutter, and disorganization


Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, and Annual Cleaning Chores.

Everything that needs to be cleaned…well ALMOST everything. It’s everything I clean in my house – and I don’t dust the tops of doors with Q-Tips – WHO has time for THAT?! Please note: this calendar is for REAL people with REAL cleaning issues – not perfectionism. Remember the germ free toilet? That’s impossible and if you want a sterile toilet, you’re too uptight for ME! This is for people who want reasonable clean for reasonable effort.

*Decluttering steps that help reduce the “STUFF” in your house – like before the holidays when EVEN MORE stuff comes into the house
*Tips and favorite cleaning tools of mine that I use everyday in MY OWN home.
*CHECKLISTS for EACH month to help you KEEP TRACK of your progress and cleaning needs
*Target areas like organization (time to put those photos into albums), when to clean out the medicine cabinet, closets, clean cabinets, the stove, even when to change your toothbrushes and get new mascara!

A whole year OVERVIEW of the target areas for each month so you can have a clean house every day.
Read more about it here...




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