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November 15 2007 Drama Movies Newsletter

Hello Movie Fans!

Big changes are afoot on the Drama Movies site at BellaOnline.com.

My name is Peggy Maddox and I'm your new Drama Movies Editor.

I'm in the process of reorganizing and building content. I will appreciate your feedback.

This Site is being reorganized under the following subject headings:

Based on the Book: This category is for those movies which have been adapted from novels. Movies based on biographies and other nonfiction works will go under Real-life Stories. The previous category Coming of Age is now a subcategory of this one.

Cops and Robbers: Ever since Edwin S. Porter's The Great Train Robbery astonished and delighted movie fans in 1903, Americans have been fascinated by depictions of criminal activity. This category may become quite crowded.

Cult Films: Filmmakers do not set out to make a cult movie. These are films that possess some indefinable ingredient that turns them into objects of ritual viewing. Watch for reviews of such phenomena as The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Film Studies: Here's where you'll be able to dig deeper into the viewing experience. In addition to articles on film history, trends, and terminology, I expect to include fun quizzes to test your knowledge of your favorite films and genres.

Historical Movies: In this category you will find films that show historical events, but are not based on a novel.

Movie News: Look here for links and articles relating to new theatre and DVD releases, awards show coverage, and other film news. Here too is where you'll find information on film-related contests.

Real-life Stories: Here are movies based on the real-life experiences of "ordinary" people. Look for films about people of historical importance under Historical Films.

Religious Movies: Here you will find reviews and background information for films like The Ten Commandments and the many versions of the story of Joan of Arc.

Soundtracks: Even the old silent films had "soundtracks" in the form of musical arrangements played on a piano or organ as they were being shown. Here you will find links and articles that recognize the importance of music in telling a story on screen.

Touchy Subjects: Although Hollywood filmmakers are notorious for avoiding controversy, films on provocative subjects still manage to be made. This category will include films that provoked negative criticism and impassioned debate at the time of their release.

Rest assured that when you and your friends sign up for the Drama Movies newsletter your email and identity remain confidential. Not even the site editor receives this information so you don't have to worry about anyone else out there in cyberspace getting it from us.

Send me your questions or observations in the email comment box.

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