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"Nobody wanted to finance the movie - even with these actors at a modest budget. It's a woman in the lead role, it stars actors who are not in their twenties and on the cover of US Weekly, and it's drama. It had three strikes. The financiers who were bold enough had never invested in movies before but they saw an opportunity because, every time I go out there, people always say, why aren't they making more movies like this?" Director Arie Posin on making "The Face of Love"

"The Face of Love" is an independent project that was filmed under conditions similar to a Dogme 95 film like Susanne Bier's "Open Hearts", which I reviewed two weeks ago. I would recommend getting the DVD because it has a very interesting director commentary, in which Arie Posin explains much of the filmmaking process.

Posin tells us that the wardrobe for actors Annette Bening and Ed Harris consists partially of clothes from their own closets, which helped keep the budget low. Also,there is a scene in the film that required a donation truck from an organization like St. Vincent de Paul. So the cast and crew got together some items to donate, called the charity, and then simply filmed the truck when it showed up.

My favorite story from Posin concerns Warren Beatty, Annette Bening's husband. The crew was supposed to film a scene on Mulholland Drive but was prevented from doing so because of a visit to L.A. from President Obama. Posin thought the view from Bening and Beatty's house would work, instead, so the crew set up at the end of their driveway. What Posin hadn't counted on, however, was that Beatty would be leaving the house at that time. He came upon the crew in his drive, got out of his car and asked what the hell was going on. Posin explained, well, this is for Annette's movie. Oh, said Beatty, then it's okay.

"The Face of Love" is the first time Bening and Harris have appeared on-screen together. The experience was evidently a positive one. Harris was invited to join Bening as a cast member of Warren Beatty's Howard Hughes film. Written and directed by Beatty, the movie is slated for a fall 2016 release.

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The Face of Love Film Review
An adult drama that hovers on the edge of suspense, "The Face of Love" stars Annette Bening as a grieving widow who chances upon her deceased husband's exact twin. How long can she keep her new love, played by Ed Harris, from discovering the truth?


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