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August 31 2015 Drama Movies Newsletter

"It is possible to die--physically die--of having no one to hold you...People come together, break up, get back together, break up again. Life ends much as a party ends: single people clinging to other single people they had barely noticed before. This is hardly a recipe for successful long-term relationships."
from the novel "Mammals" by Pierre Merot

The protagonist of French novelist Pierre Merot's "Mammals" is considered the black sheep of his family, an unmarried man who is broke and has a long string of ex-girlfriends trailing behind him. I was reminded of this character while watching "I Am Yours". Mina, the subject of the film, is similarly disdained by her family. She is divorced, has chosen a career path unacceptable to her mother, and her relationships with men are short and unfulfilling. She also has the added difficulty of attempting to assimilate her East Asian background with the cultural norms of a European society.

Amrita Acharia, the star of the film, is also a woman who crosses cultural borders. She moved to Norway at the age of 13 and is fluent in Norwegian, Ukrainian, and English. "I Am Yours" is mainly in Norwegian, but also Swedish and Urdu. I recently reviewed another film that utilizes three languages, "Mobius", which is in French, English, and Russian. This multi-lingual trend in cinema is one which will continue to grow, I think, for several reasons.

Writers and directors will want to tell stories of migration that reflect their own experiences. There are also increasing numbers of actors/actresses who are fluent in several languages, and travel between continents to work. One example is the Danish actor Mads Mikkelson. He has, so far, made films using the Danish, English, French and Russian languages. As people continue to cross borders, films will reflect this movement and we may have to alter our definition of what exactly constitutes a "foreign film".

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I Am Yours Film Review
Mina is a character struggling to fulfill her romantic and independent desires, against the wishes of her conservative family. This semi-autobiographical film, "I Am Yours", is the debut of writer/director Iram Haq.


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