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October 19 2011 Ezines & Newsletters Newsletter

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Vol. 1 Issue 11, October 19, 2011
Editor's Note

Hello and good morning to all my readers and visitors.

I'm so glad you decided to subscribe to this newsletter. I'd also like to welcome any new readers out there.

Well the morning is gloomy and the rain is here. Good day to curl up with a good book or check out some of those newsletters you receive and get caught up. The holidays are around the corner. The stores are already playing Christmas Carols and have changed their merchandise over for the fall and winter season. Fashions and fads continue to come and go just as websites and blogs on the internet.

As I was researching this week's feature article I was surprised at how many websites and blogs are no longer here on the internet. While researching my topic, I was taken to many websites that are no longer in existence today. Websites and blogs seem to go down as fast as they come up. Basically, some of the sites you could tell had just been abandon and left online with no one to care for them or show them any love. Such a sad thing.

This is why, here on Bella Online and all around the web, many push the fact of using ever green articles. Evergreen articles are those articles that are timeless. In other words ever green content and material really never go out of date or style. They do not change and their message remains the same.

However, having a newsletter or ezine for your website, and even your blog, offers you the flexibility of staying on top of current trends, reporting on current events and journalism of global changes that makes history.
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Article Update -
The feature article for this week is on the topic of Directories, specifically ezines and newsletters directories. Registering your newsletter or ezine with this type of directory will help you get more exposure and in return new subscribers or readers. Also, by using directories you make your newsletter available to a new audience who may not have heard of you before. This is just one way of promoting your newsletter. And in return you gain new subscribers and new traffic to your website.
Ezine and Newsletter Directories -
Ezine and Newsletter Directories can be a great help in promoting your newsletter or ezine. But not all directories are created the same. This is just an introduction for those who may not be familiar with newsletter directories.


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Conclusion -
I encourage you to take advantage of the information available on the site and also the community forum. I look forward to hearing from you either in the community forum or in response to this email message.

You are also welcomed to contact me via email if you would like one on one answers, suggestions or comments. Your feedback is very important to the success and health of this site. I place high value on your feedback as the editor and writer.

If you have enjoyed this newsletter or found it to be helpful, feel free to pass it on. You may have family, friends, co-workers, or business associates who are considering the possibility of publishing their own. They maybe just starting out and can use some help in preparing their own ezine or newsletter.

Everyone loves free information. So be sure to spread the wealth; "the wealth of knowledge".

"Knowledge is power and wisdom is knowing when to use it." Grace D. Dooley
Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween, as it draws closer.

Grace D. Dooley, Ezines & Newsletters Editor


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