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May 14 2006 Fashion Jewelry Newsletter

All That Glitters Newsletter
'ALL THAT GLITTERS'            Volume 1   Issue 3
Weekly Newsletter from Jewelry Collecting at Bella Online May 14, 2006
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 Aquamarine & Diamond Ring

The Beauty and Symbolism of Gemstones

To Mom

For Gemstone Collectors

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Gemstones are precious stones and semi-precious stones. All can be called gems. All are minerals that have hardness, density, refraction, and color.

 Stones of all kinds have played a very important part in the history of mankind. From the beginning, small smooth river stones were collected and carried for good luck when hunting.

Used as talismans and good luck charms throughout recorded history and before, stones in all their many forms, are considered the 'bones of the Earth'.  


  A blue to blue-green variety of the mineral beryl. It is the stone of courage. It emits a gentle and compassionate energy, exhibiting moderation. It can be used to balance and fortify the glands, and is excellent for improving the eyes, and teeth and the formative bone structure.

Aquamarine with Emerald, Gaspeite, Tourmelated Quartz, & Carnelian Guitar String Earrings from The StarStrings Collection by Artist and Designer, Molly Magdalain - Photo Courtesy of StarStrings


A form of opaque chalcedony which forms in massive formations, Jasper is dark red, orange, yellow, tan, brown, green, gray, and blue.

Jasper is considered a Power Stone. It is the stone that encourages confidence. It is a stone of the earth, and therefore a very "grounding" stone. All Jaspers have excellent protective energies.

Jasper helps to re-align all chakras, integrating energies for the greater good. It stabilizes the aura, and provides cleaning of dysfunctional energies.

Jasper is a stone that reminds us to motivate and help others—it reminds us to bring joy to others. I chose Jasper today because it is a nurturing stone and reminds me of mothers everywhere on this their very special day.

Gary Allan Jasper Guitar String Necklace from The StarStrings Artist Collection by Artist and Designer, Molly Magdalain - Photo Courtesy of StarStrings

To see more of The StarStrings Collection by Molly Magdalain click here.


  A  rare variety of the mineral beryl. Emerald is a clear deep green because of its chromium content and some are more expensive than diamonds.

It is a stone to bring harmony to all areas of ones life. It can be used to open, activate, and stimulate the heart chakra, while helping to quiet the emotions. 

Sierra Emerald Guitar String Earrings from The StarStrings Collection by Molly Magdalain. Photo Courtesy of StarStrings.

For Gemstone Collectors

Click on image for more details. Columbian Emerald from Artistic Colored Stones. Photo Courtesy ACS

Colombian Emerald (J) 2.28 ct. 7.4 x 9.9 mm. [Gec: O] Pear shaped cut. Slightly included, with vivid, medium to medium dark slightly bluish green color. Excellent brilliance and sparkle. BK.

  Greetings & Happy Mother's Day!

There's lots new at the Jewelry Collecting site. In case you haven't visited for a week or so, there are links below to my newest articles.

I'm really excited about the interviews I've got lined up for you. Next week I will be speaking with Elliot Abbott of The Hollywood Collection. The rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, and watches in The Hollywood Collection are original reproductions of cinematic jewels from legendary films, and they are fabulous! Norma Shearer's Majestic Emerald Ring from The Hollywood Collection. Photo Courtesy of The Hollywood Collection.You'll love them all, and they are very affordably priced. In addition to my interview, Vivien Leighs Southern Emerald Earrings from The Hollywood Collection. Photo Courtesy of The Hollywood Collection.I will be writing a Review of the collection, and an ongoing series of stories about individual pieces from this wonderfully 'collectible' collection.

Please send along any comments or questions you have. Suggestions for new articles are welcomed, and I am always looking for great stories about jewelry and the hobby of jewelry collecting. I look forward to hearing from you, and really would appreciate your feedback.

And, to all you Moms out there, "Have a wonderful day, you deserve it!".

Best Regards,
Susan Dorling

Jewelry Collecting Editor at Bella Online

  • How to Buy Genuine Native American Jewelry - Buying Tips and 'Heads Up' for Novice Collectors

        Photo Courtesy of is an unfortunate fact of life that unscrupulous people make money by cheating others. They are everywhere—not lurking in the shadows, as you might think—but right out in the open, brazen as can be. These dishonest retailers lay in wait for those of us who innocent and wide-eyed with delight, gaze star-struck upon the object of our fancy from a dazzling array of gorgeous bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings masquerading as genuine Native American jewelry. Read More...

    Shopping note: I found a great online store offering genuine Native American jewelry. If you love this jewelry as much as I do, please take a moment to visit our friends at

  • Elvis Presley's Passion for Jewelry

  • “It was like he came along and whispered a dream in everybody’s ear and then we dreamed it”. Bruce Springsteen

    TCB Ring Photo Courtesy of Lowell Hays, The Elvis JewelerThe most memorable, exciting personality in American music was born January 8, 1935 in a two-room plank shack in East Tupelo, Mississippi, on the wrong side of the railroad tracks. He won his first prize for singing at the age of 10. By 19, he had made his first record and become a worldwide sensation as a rock and roll singer. Extraordinary entertainer, enigmatic myth, Elvis Presley lives on as legend nearly three decades after his death at the age of 42 on August 16, 1977. Today, in 2006, he is more popular than ever—thousands of fans still flock yearly to his Graceland mansion—and sales of his albums top one billion. In the South, they talk about Elvis and Jesus in the same breath.

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     New Articles Coming Soon

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    Watch for these and many more in the coming weeks.!

  • Marlene Dietrich's Aquamarine and Diamond Ring

    from The Hollywood Collection

  • Marlene Dietrich's Aquamarine & Diamond Ring from The Hollywood Collection - Photo Courtesy of The Hollywood Collection
    Please click image for a closer look!

    Your arms were always open when I needed a hug. Your heart understood when I needed a friend. Your gentle eyes were stern when I needed a lesson. Your strength and love has guided me and gave me wings to fly.
    by Sarah Malin


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