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June 11 2006 Fashion Jewelry Newsletter

All That Glitters Newsletter
All That Glitters         Volume 1   Issue 4
Weekly Newsletter from Jewelry Collecting at Bella Online June 11, 2006
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The Beauty and Symbolism of Gemstones

Exciting Finds
 for Gemstone Collectors

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Gemstones are precious stones and semi-precious stones. All can be called gems. All are minerals that have hardness, density, refraction, and color.

 Stones of all kinds have played a very important part in the history of mankind. From the beginning, small smooth river stones were collected and carried for good luck when hunting.

Used as talismans and good luck charms throughout recorded history and before, stones in all their many forms, are considered the 'bones of the Earth'.  


  Quartz is said to bring the energy of the stars into the soul.  The natural tendency for quartz is for harmony and it is recognized as a ‘stone of power.’  The name ‘quartz’ comes from the Greek word krustallos, meaning ice, because it was thought that quartz was ice formed by the gods.  Since the middle ages, crystal balls made of rock crystal have been used to predict the future. 

Venus Necklace from The StarStrings Collection by Molly Magdalain - Photo Courtesy of StarStrings

To see more of The StarStrings Collection by Molly Magdalain click here.

Exciting Finds for Gemstone Collectors

Please Note: The exciting gemstones we feature here are brand new inventory at Artistic Colored Stones. However, they are one-of-a-kind and sell quickly. They may already be sold. We show them to you as representative of the ever-changing high quality gemstone inventory found at Artistic Colored Stones.

Photo Courtesy of Artistic Colored Stones

(J) 27.3 ct. 18 x 25 x 12 mm. [Gec: N] Freeform cut with opposed bar crown. Just short of flawless at 10x in a medium light to medium purple color.

Photo Courtesy of Artistic Colored Stones

Madagascar Garnet
(J) 1.26 ct. 7.1 x 8.4 mm. [Gec: N] Freeform kite shape. This eyeclean piece shows proto-typical "Malaya" color: slightly orangey, slightly purplish medium dark pink.

What Unique and Interesting Stone Has Caught Our Eye This Week?

Please Note: The exciting gemstones we feature here are brand new inventory at Artistic Colored Stones. However, they are one-of-a-kind and sell quickly. They may already be sold. We show them to you as representative of the ever-changing high quality gemstone inventory found at Artistic Colored  Stones.

Photo Courtesy of Artistic Colored Stones

Faceted Citrine Carving (J) 4.1 ct. 10.1 x 13.7 x 7.5 mm. [Gec: H] Flawless at 10x in medium, very slightly brownish orange, the faceted carving suggests a fleur d' lis, appropriate to the French artist who executed the work.

For beautiful gemstones please visit Artistic Colored Stones

SHOPPING NOTE: One of my favorite online stores, E-Pueblo, offers a great selection of very high quality genuine Native American jewelry. If you love this kind of jewelry as much as I do, please take a moment to visit our friends at


There's lots new at the Jewelry Collecting site. In case you haven't visited for a couple of weeks or so, there are links below to my newest articles. This issue also focuses on some of my very favorite jewelry pieces that I wanted to share with you.

Upcoming Interviews and Collection Reviews
I'm really excited about the interviews I've got lined up for you. Next week I will be speaking to Helen and Jenniefer Kirk of Kirks Folly and Jenniefer's daughter, Kaena, of  DreamKeepers. We will also be featuring an article about Kirks Folly's new Home Party division. Look for this sometime around the end of the month.

Also next week, I will be featuring my interview with Alexa Hirst, lead jewelry designer for Loopy Monkey, as well as a review of her simply elegant hand-crafted jewelry.

A couple of weeks ago I spoke with Lowell Hays, Elvis Presley's jeweler. Our interview will be appearing on the site in the next couple of weeks.

As we get into July, I will be interviewing Fay Cullen about her antique and vintage jewelry online store. Her success story will inspire you, and you will love her jewelry. July is antique jewelry month at the Jewelry Collecting site and several new articles will be added for collectors of vintage jewelry, in addition to new articles about a variety of jewelry specialties.

Gemology Expert
This month we will be interviewing
Barbara Smigel, Graduate Gemologist, GIA, who has graciously accepted our invitation to be our 'expert gemologist' for the Jewelry Collecting site at Bella Online. We are thrilled to have her expertise about gemstones. It will be vastly interesting, not only for you serious gemstone collectors, but to all of us who love gemstones and jewelry.

The Hollywood Collection
I am pleased to announce that appearing on the site next week will be my recent five-part interview with Elliot Abbott, President of  The Hollywood Collection as well as my review of the collection which also features some of my personal favorites from the collection. These exquisite pieces are priced just right for collecting. But, choosing which ones to buy first poses a real dilemma. It's almost impossible to choose. You'll love them all! Ginger Rogers' Singular Sensation Diamond CZ Earrings - Photo Courtesy of The Hollywood Collection

The Hollywood Collection is my favorite glamorous jewelry collection and has it's own section at the Jewelry Collecting site for which I will be writing an ongoing series of articles, and updates when new pieces are added.

Please send along any comments or questions you have. I'm interested in your opinion and if you have any article suggestions please send along. I love great stories about jewelry and the hobby of jewelry collecting.

Best Regards,

Jewelry Collecting Editor at Bella Online

  • Rhodium, the Most Precious of All Metals

       From The Hollywood Collection, Marilyn Monroe's 'Original Bling Bling' Diamond Earrings. Each earring has 18 Clear CZ (15.93 carats total for both earrings)and rhodium over sterling silver. Photo courtesy of The Hollywood Collection. Photo Courtesy of The Hollywood CollectionPrecious, rare, beautiful, and tough—rhodium is aptly named. A member of the platinum family (group) it is by far the most expensive precious metal, costing 6 times as much as gold—that’s $6,000 per troy ounce as of May 2006. Often used to simulate the rich appearance of platinum, many people do not know that of the two, rhodium is the more precious. It is also brighter than platinum, and in a specular comparison of reflected light on highly polished electroplated metal surfaces, rhodium reflects 72%-80% as compared to 65% for platinum and 60% for gold.  


  • In Praise of Cubic Zirconias  -
     Exquisite Diamond Look-Alike
    That Doesn't Break the Bank

       The cubic zirconia is a fascinating story about ingenuity and resourcefulness. For in our quest to simulate the almighty Marilyn Monroe's Diamond CZ Ring - Photo Courtesy of The Hollywood Collectiondiamond, a new jewel of stunning beauty was discovered. Inexpensive, but loaded with attitude, the cubic zirconia is a synthetic gemstone that exudes brilliance and incomparable fire. The marvelous cz has revolutionized the costume jewelry industry, and made it possible for everyone to own dramatically beautiful jewelry.


  • Vivien Leigh's Amethyst and Diamond Pendant
    from The Hollywood Collection

  • Jean Harlow's Sunset Padparacha Sapphire - Photo Courtesy of The Hollywood Collection

    Jean Harlow's
    'Sunset Padparacha Sapphire'
    from The Hollywood Collection

    Wow! This sunset colored stone is such a gorgeous rich color. The Hollywood Collection includes a couple of different styles using this uniquely colored stone.


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