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October 10 2006 Marriage Newsletter

MARRIAGE Newsletter from award winning editor and author,
Kristen Houghton, at BellaOnline Magazine.

‘There are many rooms to marriage and many doors to enter. Do not forget the key which opens each one.’ An old saying from some forgotten culture but it still holds a grain of truth. Marriage has many aspects and one of these is sex and intimacy. A healthy sex life is good for you both physically and mentally. But what happens when sex stops? Do we hope for the best or do we take active control and see what’s going on?

The first step to a solution for lack of intimacy is to find out why. The reasons can reign from just plain exhaustion to real physical problems. You need to find out the cause together. Read “Marriage and Lack of Intimacy” in this week’s column.

With Hallowe’en fast approaching you want to check out my article titled “Hallowe’en Fun for Married Couples”
There are some great ideas, collected over the years, for costumes and parties.

Watch the leaves fall, relax with each other and feel the season change. I’m not a fan of the colder weather but I do love the beauty of Autumn colors. This is a time for self reflection and thoughts to make our lives and marriages better and happier.

What one thing would make your marriage happier? Communication? More time for each other? A shared hobby? Begin today to visualize what will help you.

Be sure to check out the Autumn night sky for the full moon. Nothing is more romantic than a full moon on a clear night.

Live well, Love well,
Until next week- KH

Sacred Jude, Spirit!!

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