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Articles that focus on the foundations of a marriage; everything from the importance of the wedding vows to how to fight fairly with your spouse.

2nd Marriages
Whether your subsequent marriage is due to divorce or death, these articles will help you navigate the unique waters that more and more people are facing.

Adultery, Addiction, & Abuse
These three items are the dark side of marriage. We will cover when it is appropriate to stand by and support your spouse and when it is best to leave.

Counseling always gets a bad rep in our society, but it is often very helpful for the individual and the couple, even the family! From pre-marital counseling to trying to save your marriage, these art

Difficult Times
Marriage does not exist in a bubble, difficult times will come around. These articles will deal with those things that can strain a marriage and give you ways to stay strong as a couple.

Family comes in many forms, and is dealt with in many ways. From your children to your in-laws, we´ll look at the many dynamics that come with family.

Finances are difficult enough when handled by one person, when you multiply it by two (or more) it expands exponentially!

Fun and Games
Quizzes, games, and humor to help pass the time.

From staying fit, to handling the flu, to taking care of a terminally ill spouse, these articles will cover everything you need to know about health as a couple.

Intimacy is more than just sex. It is about a strong, healthy relationship with your spouse. Look here to find ways to deepen intimacy within the couple.

Non Traditional Marriages
A look at marriages that are not Husband and Wife. This includes gay marraige, lesbian marriage, and other LGBTQIA relationships

From the day you say "I do", most marriages start out on a religious footing. Here we will look at the issues that are challenging and uplifting about religion.

Look here to find reviews on books, movies, and anything else I come across that might benefit you as a couple.

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