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August 18 2006 Marriage Newsletter

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Dear readers,

“In the old movies of the 1930’s it was the slim, elegant, silver cigarette case that pinpointed you as one of the elite. It seems that new status symbols associated with the well-to-do and the famous become a part of our social culture almost before we know it. One of today’s status symbols is the ‘wine-bag.’ We see them all over at trendy restaurants and even at pizzerias. People are drinking wine with dinner. That is okay unless you may have a problem with alcohol. For some people one glass is fine; for others, this trend can be the start of alcoholism.

Do you have a friend who you see gets more then a little tipsy after drinking ‘just a little?’ Some people have an addictive personality whether it is for chocolate or alcohol. Do you ever feel that the media, (movies, TV, radio, etc.), pushes the so-called glamorous lifestyle of drinking? What are your opinions on this topic? Please –mail me with your comments.

I hope you have enjoyed the summer. Please remember that, regardless of what the stores tell us, summer doesn’t officially end until September 21st! You’ve got more than a month left to enjoy and try to relax.

Remember to enjoy your spouse’s company during this most pleasant time of the year and if you’re planning a late summer vacation for just the two of you, have a wonderful time. (

Summer has been more than busy for me. I was a guest on the Dr. Robyn DeVal radio show in July and have been in the process of interviewing the wonderful Bill Mitchell, PI, who wrote the book, "The More You Know." He will be the focus of my next two articles as we discuss how to know if your spouse is cheating and what you can do about it. Bill is charming, astute, compassionate, and can really help anyone who is worried about a cheating spouse.

Don't forget to read about Bill Mitchell, his book, and his fascinating life in next week's article, due out on Thursday, August 24th.
'Til then, remember:
'Marriage is friendship first and then love. Be friends and love each other.

E-mail me with any ideas you may have for future articles. Let me know what topics YOU would like to see in Marriage.

Have fun passing this message along to family and friends!
This site has a community forum for all issues relating to Marriage. Get good and confidential advice in a friendly atmosphere. We don’t judge, we listen and care. KH

Kristen Houghton, Marriage Editor

Sacred Jude, Spiritual Guidance Always!!

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