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August 16 2010 Personal Chef Newsletter

Hey Chefs & Food Enthusiasts!

Exciting news this week! I created a new channel on YouTube [my username is: PersonalChefMkt] you can visit here by clicking on the link [] or copying and pasting it into your browser address bar if this newsletter doesn't create a clickable link for you. Looking forward to bringing you all the relevant aspects of marketing your business and the personal cheffing and food world in general. This week I've got 3 articles for you to help you drill down in this thing we call marketing for your brand and your business. Read'em. Take their suggestions. Ask a bunch of questions. And let's get your business growing! Looking forward to connecting with you.


Quick Tip:

-Get yourself a digital HD video camera if your budget will allow. You can get the Kodak Zi8 at Target for around $180 and Target usually ahs a 90 day policy on the merchandise they sell to their customers. Great camera and it'll be useful to your business as we delve further into this content creation/marketing series.

A's - 4 - Q's [ Answers - 4 - Questions ]
Questions about purchasing the right knives?

-Function: I personally prefer forged knives as opposed to the rolled/folded ones. The forged are one unit [the blade that is] and won't pit like the folded ones. I find honing and sharpening to be easier, with the results lasting longer.
-Cost: This is a relative topic. I always say get the best quality and you can afford. One real good, high quality knife or set of knives is WAY better than 10 inferior ones that you'll have to replace 20 times. By the time you finish replacing the junk knives you would've paid for the higher priced, quality set a few times over, AND you'll still have to replace the 'cheap' ones again. Great quality knives you can pass down from generation to generation. They're one of the best culinary investments you can ans should make. If you have to cut costs... take it out of your uniform or something. After all... they can't get your ingredients prepped!


-Prospect new clientele in retirement communities. There are many seniors who want to eat well, but no longer have the ability to prep their meals.



Here's the latest article from the Personal Chef site at

Making Your Personal Chef Content Work For You
by Jason Hodge - Personal Chef & Vegetarian Sites Editor
The purpose of content on and offline is to add perceived value, establish credibility and ultimately move your audience to action. In this series we’ll explore the dynamics behind it all and how to implement it in your business.


Fleshing Out Your Content Objectives
by Jason Hodge - Personal Chef & Vegetarian Sites Editor
Prior to creating content, that is not only relevant to your audience but can be parlayed into a business builder, you’re going to want to know what you want your content to accomplish. Learn the process of fleshing out your content objectives to get the highest ROI of your time and creativity here.


Using Your Content To Open Doors
by Jason Hodge - Personal Chef & Vegetarian Sites Editor
On and offline, content is a powerful tool that has many uses. In this article you will learn the fundamentals of using your content to open doors for your personal chef business.





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You know, I really enjoy writing for you. If you tell me the areas you're most interested in I'll do my best to address them. Let me know what's on your mind and let's have a lot of fun together as we explore the world of food and the folks who love it. Pass this newsletter along and let's do breakfast, lunch and dinner together.

Join me next time when I put out more foodie stuff!!!

As always... it's been a pleasure sharing with you. Until next time...

Jason Hodge
Personal Chef & Vegetarian Editor

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