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November 19 2006 Short Stories Newsletter

This is the November, 2006, newsletter from Short Stories at Bella Online. Here are three articles featured last month at Short Stories:

A children’s short story by Oscar Wilde.    The Happy Prince

A macabre Halloween tale.    Halloween Visit

An amusing classic by O. Henry.    The Ransom of Red Chief

Here is a short story featured at Apple Valley Review:

Lisa came home to find that her plants had moved inside...She didn’t notice them immediately, being preoccupied by her hyperactive dog, whom she scolded in a cheery voice for jumping on her and tripping her as she entered the house…One might think the dog was trying to get Lisa’s attention for something specific—for instance, telling her that the plants were now occupying the house—but that wasn’t the case. Read Lisa’s Plants by Scott Topping.

Featured at

With no room to pace in my shared apartment, I paced the cold streets of Boston all of one February day, having a lonely lunch and too much espresso in the North End, while I asked myself, over and over, if I dared to do it. Did I dare marry the man I’d met in India? Did I dare to leave America and make a conservative, ultra-Indian, Hindi-speaking city my home? Read Fly Away Home by Lucinda Nelson Dhavan.

Featured at Short Stories at East of the Web:

I'd like to own a shop that sells shoes. Not any shoes, only men's shoes and even then only certain men's shoes. My shop would sit neatly between two larger enterprises, standing either side like protective older brothers. It would be on a road with wide pavements and an open, impersonal vista - probably in a city somewhere, maybe Edinburgh or even York. Read Choosing Shoes by Helen Bourne.

If you have any comments or questions, email me at Also feel free to drop by the Short Stories Forum to drop a message or post some fiction. With your help, I am sure Short Stories will be a very successful section of BellaOnline.

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