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Thank you for your interest in the Animal Life newsletter. Together, we explore and learn about all things animal. We are at a critical juncture in our humanitarian evolution. Over the centuries we have watched our perspectives expand and contract toward animal life, changing the definition of what that means many times to meet our needs and not necessarily the needs of animals or the planet with which we share.

We breakdown this issue logically and from the pragmatic perspective that all animal life fundamentally matters. All species have an inherent, critical role to play in maintaining a healthy balance to the ecosystem. We examine seemingly complicated issues by breaking them down rationally.

This newsletter offers a broad spectrum of insight from past to present philosophies and outlooks. In addition to what is in the news, we explore how political ambitions and business economics affects our societal views and educational standpoints regarding animal life. We also explore a multitude of issues that seem to escape the mainstream media. Readers are encouraged to send their feedback, questions, comments, and suggestions.

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The Evolution Of Humankind Can Be Measured By How Its Animals Are Treated.

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