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A positive attitude, an open smile, eye contact, and a friendly nature make you more beautiful than all the cosmetics and clothes in the world. Your beauty is in who you are, not what you wear.

Book Reviews
Here you will find various book reviews having to do with Body Image.

"Feeling fit" means something different to everyone. Find your own fitness level, and have fun - whether you´re walking every day, or training for a triathalon!

Your health is your most valuable asset, and can affect your body image, self-esteem, and daily life. Pursue health, strength, and wellness!

Nutritious eating is essential in living a healthy lifestyle. Not only does healthy eating decrease many diseases and disorders, it effects our appearance and mental clarity.

Plastic Surgery
Many people have thought about having some kind of body "enhancement" done at one time or another. Here are some articles and links to help you educate yourself before going under the knife.

Self Esteem
How you view your self and body affects your relationships, career, family, and goals. For a healthy self-esteem, listen to your body, honour your feelings, and be true to yourself!

Size Acceptance
Your size and shape are part of what makes you unique! Honor your body by listening to it, giving it what it needs, and accepting it. Strive for health and wellness, not a particular size or shape.

Teenage and early adult years can present some especially trying circumstances, especially relating to body image and self-esteem. There is help here for this important phase of life.

Your weight is something, but it´s not everything. Health, fitness, and balance is more important than the numbers on the scale. What are you doing to achieve overall health in your life?

Your Body
Your body is your connection to the world. Honour, love, and value it because you probably won´t be offered a new one any time soon!

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