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Classic Film
Assorted facts and findings on the classic films and the bloopers behind the scenes.

"Freaks" For Hollywood star
Instead of special effects, "Freaks" producer Irving Thalberg, used real “sideshow” performers to provide truth for the film’s story.

Spending Christmas With The Shorts star
Here is a short list of classic Academy Award nominated and/or winning animated “shorts” featuring the theme of Christmas.

A Christmas Story star
Here are some fun trivia facts about what happened on-location.

Before They Were Stars They Had Jobs star
Fashion Model? Elevator Operator? Dental Assistant? Acrobat? Believe it or not these small jobs were what some classic stars did before they reached stardom.

Beware of The Blob star
It's not just a cult classic. "The Blob" is a classic film starring Steve McQueen in his first leading role.

Brief History of Hammer Films star
A brief history of Hammer Films Productions

Censoring The Outlaw star
After "The Outlaw (1941) was completed, Howard Hughes spent five years battling the PCA.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang star
What does James Bond, Roald Dahl and Walt Disney have to do with the beloved film "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" (1968)?

Classic Film Remembers star
Classic Film remembers the legends both in front and behind the screen who took their last curtain call in 2008.

Classic Film Remembers 2009 star
A reflection on the entertainers who passed on in the year of 2009.

Classic Hollywood Remakes Their Own star
We ache at the mere mention of a classic film remake. Worse yet, we cringe when it is actually made. The truth is, old Hollywood is guilty of making remakes too.

Cocktails Inspired By Hollywood star
Mary Pickfort. Greta Garbo. Mae West. All are legendary stars who have inspired bartenders to concoct cocktails named after them.

Edith Head And The Stars star
Eight-time Oscar winning costume designer Edith Head worked with her favorite and not-so-favorite stars.

Epic Special Effects star
The special Effects techniques used in Cecil B. Demille's epic "The Ten Commandments" to part the Red Seas.

First Films Committed To Celluloid star
The first films of cinema last than a few minutes, but thanks to film preservation they can be viewed 100 years later.

First Horror Films Committed to Celluloid star
What were the first films of horror that terrified audiences everywhere?

Fleming's Spy Background Created James Bond star
They say, “Write what you know” and some memorable characters and stories have come from life experiences. So how did Ian Fleming create Bond?

From The Red Shoes to Rambo star
A look at cinematographer Jack Cardiff's career.

Glory For 1776 star
"1776" (1972) is the perfect classic film to dance, sing, and learn about America's independence.

Gone With The Wind Premiere star
What was it like on the night of December 15, 1939 when "Gone With The Wind" premiered in Atlanta, Georgia?

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas star
A short history of Judy Garland's song "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" from "Meet Me In St. Louis" (1944).

Hitchcock-Inspired Halloween Costumes star
Still without a Halloween costume? Here are a few ideas inspired by Hitchcock's famous films.

Hollywood's War Bonds for WWII star
During World War II, Hollywood was an adamant supporter of war bonds and raised a lot of money for the soldiers

How Many James Bonds Are There? star
How many actors have played James Bond? Can you name them all? Did you know, at one point, Peter Sellers and Woody Allen portrayed Agent 007? Was Sean Connery the first actor to have ever played James Bond?

In Defense of High Anxiety star
With being one of Mel Brooks' most criticized film, we write to defend the underrated "High Anxiety" (1977).

In Defense of The Snake Pit star
A film which changed the way Hollywood and the medical field looked at mental illness.

It's A White Christmas star
Here are some trivia you may have not known about the Christmas Classic, "White Christmas" (1954).

Miracle On 34th Street star
"Miracle On 34th Street" (1947) is the perfect holiday film to bridge the holiday film gap between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Night Of The Living Dead star
George A. Romero's low-budget film "Night of the Living Dead" is a classic black and white film.

Over The Rainbow star
Could anyone imagine "The Wizard Of Oz" (1939) without its beloved song "Over The Rainbow"?

Production Problems on West Side Story star
Shakespeare may have had problems with his production of "Romeo and Juliet," but his cast was not singing and dancing.

Thanks But No Thanks star
Mae West. Fred MacMurray. Henry Fonda. Despite their best judgment, they wound up making mistakes in choosing their roles.

The Burtons with Zeffirelli star
The working relationship between actors Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton with director Franco Zeffirelli.

The Films of Jacques Cousteau star
The documentaries of legendary Renaissance man Jacques Cousteau.

The First Stunt Women of Cinema star
Helen Gibs, Polly Burson and Lila Finn. Three women who performed film stunt work usually done by stunt men.

The Five Tones star
Ever wondered about the mastery behind the five epic tones used to greet the aliens in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" (1977)?

The Gold Diggers of Hollywood star
A brief look at the four Busby Berkeley "Gold Digger" films.

The Gown of Gilda star
The partnership of costume designer Jean-Louis with actress Rita Hayworth was epic.

The Influence of The Searchers star
Over time the classic western "The Searchers" (1956) has influenced filmmakers, musicians and revamped an entire genre of film.

The Legacy of Johnny Mercer star
A brief bio of American lyricist Johnny Mercer who contributed a catalog of his music to classic film.

The Music of Bernard Herrmann star
Film composer Bernard Herrmann has contributed to many iconic film moments with his music including "Citizen Kane" (1941) and "Psycho" (1960).

The Show Must Go On star
Some of cinema´s best scenes were filmed while the stars were feeling under the weather.

The Theory of The Shining star
Was Kubrick's "The Shining" a confession to filming the Moon Landing?

The Work of Ray Harryhausen star
About the work of the father of stop motion animation Ray Harryhausen.

The Ziegfeld Girls star
What do Louise Brooks & Barbara Stanwyck have in common? They were Ziegfeld Girls.

Their Names Before They Were Stars star
Archibald Leach. Frances Gumm. Rodolpho Alphonso di valentina d'antonguolla. Sometimes the names classic stars were born with, failed to reflect their star power.

Top 5 Classic Summer Romances star
A list of top 5 classic films that feature sizzling romances to watch this summer.

Were They Or Weren't They? star
When it came to acting "drunk," some classic actors needed a little help, some didn't. Some even showed up to work hung over!

What's The Price Hollywood? star
Legs! Legs! Legs! Hollywood made sure those were insured. But what about Bette Davis’s waistline? Or Marlene Dietrich’s voice? Those were insured too.

Wright By Hitchcock star
In North By Northwest, the Vandamm House is built in a classic Frank Lloyd Wright style. Too bad Wright did not build it.

Write What You Know star
A look at Neil Simon's process as a writer as he wrote "The Goodbye Girl" (1977).

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