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These links and articles are for people that enjoy watching baseball, but don´t really understand the game. They provide basics and strategy for the spectator.

About.com - Baseball star[offsite link]
Provides some basic information, but its strength is current news.

Baseball 101 : The Sign Language of a Catcher star
The catcher has one of the most demanding roles in baseball, effectively leading the defense. To do so, he uses signs to communicate with the pitcher and the other players on the field.

Baseball 101 Baseball Terms from A-Z star
Baseball is replete with unique terms and specialized jargon. Here’s a “rundown” of those terms from A to Z. You can’t tell a jack from an error without this list!

Baseball 101 How Players Make Outs star
If you understand how outs are made and their significance, you understand much of what you need to know about baseball.

Baseball 101 The Roster star
Explanation of the Major League roster and several related topics. Those topics include line-ups, the disabled list, substitution rules and the Rule 5 draft.

Baseball Reference star[offsite link]
Doesn´t get into teaching baseball, but will provide you with history of the game, gloassary, stats, team info and awards.

Crime pays! At least it does in baseball star
How "crimes" such as stealing bases, stealing signs and fooling the umpires is an integral part of the game.

Designated Hitter Rule in the World Series star
As the World Series approaches, this is one of the key questions I get. The general rule is something akin to "when in Rome, do as the Romans do". What impact does that have?

Ed Sanicki, Fightin' Phillie star
I meet Sandra Sanicki, daughter of Ed Sanicki who made a big splash with the Phillies in 1949.

Enlexica star[offsite link]
A baseball dictionary with over 5,000 listings of common and obscure game lingo.

First basemen, the Gatekeepers star
First basemen, the Gatekeepers and sluggers

Fourth of July and Casey at the Bat star
This Ernest Lawrence Thayer poem is in the public domain and is an all time favorite of baseball fans everywhere

Funny Things Happen on the Way to Opening Day star
More on "PECOTA" and other predictive means and why they don't mean much at all

Halfway Home! star
The halfway point of the season is reached and how the All-Star Break can determine which teams contend and which ones pretend

History of The Designated Hitter star
The history and issues involved with the Designated Hitter rule

How Peripheral Stats Shape Perceptions star
The use of such peripheral statistics as WHIP, K/BB and K/9 are increasingly influential in determining post-season awards and big-time contracts

How Post Season Bonuses are Determined star
With the completion of the World Series and the Red Sox sweep, was it in the player’s best interest to finish in four games? No! Here’s how the post-season bonuses are calculated.

Let's Talk Analytics! star
A discussion is begun on some of the ways teams use advanced analysis to evaluate player performance, team composition, and salaries.

Marvin Miller Should be in the Hall of Fame star
Former Major League Baseball Players Association head Marvin Miller passed away last week at the age of 95. Why isn't he in the Hall of Fame?

Mom´s Guide to Sports star[offsite link]
A good introduction to the game of baseball and focuses on little league play.

Nothing succeeds like success star
How players, teams, and MLB profit from post-season play, how shares are divided

Savoring the Game star
How an appreciation of baseball compares to an appreciation of fine food, or the opera, or great art. An epicurean approach

Sojourn to Yankee Stadium We Get There star
My father takes me to Yankee Stadium.

Sojourn to Yankee Stadium We Start star
My father takes me on a mysterious journey. Part I.

The "Book" Hitters and Pitchers keep on each other star
The "Book" Hitters and Pitchers keep on each other

The Battery - Baseball's Power Source star
A discussion on the pitcher and the catcher and their centrality to the game. Updated for Year of the Pitcher II.

The Business of Baseball star
How MLB teams are financed, franchise valuations, the Anti-Trust Exemption works, etc.

The Camps are Open! star
Spring training games begin; hopes in Kansas City and Pittsburgh; a look at forecasting

The Cy Young Award star
Discussing the 2010 Cy Young Award and its history.

The Defensive Spectrum - I star
An examination of The Defensive Spectrum on the field

The Defensive Spectrum - II star
Continuing the discussion of The Defensive Spectrum with a look at Centerfield, Third Base, and Rightfield.

The Defensive Spectrum - III star
We conclude our study of The Defensive Spectrum with a look at the right side of the gradient leftfielders, first basemen and the designated hitters.

The Designated Hitter Today and Tomorrow star
More on the Designated Hitter, how it works today and where it could go tomorrow

The Dog Days star
The unique character of August baseball. The good teams assert themselves, the weak ones fall by the wayside.

The Final Four star
A brief look at the League Championship Series

The First Fan 2012 edition star
Something I share with President Obama

The Hall of Fame Ballot star
The 2013 Hall of Fame ballot presents quandaries to many voters. Here are some players who should be selected.

The Hot Corner star
Third base, The Hot Corner, and its practitioners

The Hot Stove League - I star
Beginning an on-going series on off-season activities fans call "The Hot Stove League"

The Hot Stove League - II star
A look at how free agency works, how players are ranked, compensation, and arbitration.

The Human Element star
The Human Element in baseball, how perfection is possible but umpires can't achieve it.

The January Doldrums star
The depths of winter and how today we get so much more baseball news than we used to

The Keystone Combo star
A look at how the partnership of second baseman and shortstop keys the defense of successful teams.

The Trade Deadline Is Looming star
Christmas in July for contenders, looking towards the future for others

The Trading Deadline star
What the July 31 trade deadline means; how waivers work.

The Well-Dressed Manager star
Baseball is unique in that on-field coaches and managers dress like players.

The Winter Meetings star
A look at this week's Winter Meetings, potential free agent signings and trades, and a note on the passing of Ron Santo

What makes baseball different? star
An essay on the unique qualities that set baseball apart from all the other team games.

Wikipedia Baseball star[offsite link]
An excellent overview of baseball history, rules, strategy, and trivia. Includes an excellent set of links to related wikipedia entries and external sites. This is a "must see" for anyone new to baseball.

Year of the Pitcher III? star
Pitching appears ready to dominate again in 2012

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