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Articles and information about the issues that Republicans face. Also articles that interpret and analyze philosophical positions.

BellaOnline Pro-Life Site star
BellaOnline´s pro-life site. Articles and links about abortion´s risks, adoption, fetal development, pregnancy assistance, and more.

Ben Franklin on the economy star
Our national debt is something both Democrats and Republicans share the blame for, but the Democrats are sure hanging on the idea that George W. Bush is solely reponsible.

Chris Christie in New Jersey star
Chris Christie is the governor of New Jersey, and he is rattling some sacred cages there, namely the teachers union. But for all the money the teachers union is spending to criticize the governor, he's getting a lot of support from the citizens of the state.

Election results and their meaning star
As a result of the November 2011 mid-term elections, the pundits are now interpreting the results. I don't know about you, but I'm tired of pundits telling me what my vote meant.

Electoral College importance star
The electoral college process has been criticized in recent years because it has affected the outcome of elections. Some have called for it to be eliminated. Here's why it should stay.

Interview with the Democratic Party Editor star
Interview with's Democratic Party Editor, Tracey-Kay Caldwell.

Log Cabin Republicans star
Log Cabin Republicans is the largest Republican organization that supports equality for gay and lesbian Americans. They have full-time staff in California and Washington, D.C. and state and local chapters across the nation.

National Black Republican Association star
The goal of the National Black Republican Association is, "to return black Americans to their Republican Party roots by enlightening them about how Republicans fought for their freedom and civil rights, and are now fighting for their educational and economic advancement."

Religious Right and the Republican Party star
The relationship of the religious right with the Republican Party is awkward at times. While the party platform continues to endorse positions that the religious right support, it does so with a whisper.

Republican opposition to government-run healthcare star
Republicans were vilified by the Democrats when they opposed the healthcare reform bill. Plenty of sad stories about people without healthcare were depicted, but the truth is that Republicans were right to oppose it. Here is what businesses are saying about the healthcare reform bill.

Social Security - Three Original Provisions star
Many young workers under forty do not believe that there will be Social Security benefits for them to collect when they retire. Yet they know they are paying into that system. And if President Bush is correct in his explanation of the future of Social Security, those young workers are correct.

Steve Beren’s Four-Step Program for Stopping Illegal Immigration star
Republican Steve Beren ran unsuccessfully against Democrat Jim McDermott for Congress in the 2006 campaign. But Beren’s proposal for solving the illegal immigration problem may yet find supporters.

Tax Relief Will Die With the Democrats star
In 2001 and 2003, congress passed what has become known as the “Bush Tax Cuts”— or as opponents like to call them, the “Bush tax cuts for the rich.” The truth is those tax cuts lowered taxes for all income brackets. Without those tax cuts Americans would have paid $1.3 trillion more than they did.

Taxing business is an oxymoron star
Taxing business is an oxymoron that the Democrats love to belabor. The truth is that the government never really taxes businesses--it taxes the consumers. Businesses incorporate taxes into their prices, so it's a double whammy to pay sales tax on top of every purchase.

The Politics of Global Warming star
This article discusses the politics behind Global Warming

The Republican Alternative Health Care Plan star
The Republican alternative to the Obama administration�s health care reform is predicated on the assumption that, while the American health care delivery system is not "broken," it does need some readjustments to help drive down costs.

The Republican Stance star
A basic tenet of Republican philosophy is that the strength of a nation depends on the strength of each individual. This article gives the basic philosophical stance of the Republican Party as it exists today.

The Victims of Communism Memorial star
As is well known by now, President Ronald Reagan was fervently anti-communist. One of his maxims went this way: “How do you tell a Communist? Well, it's someone who reads Marx and Lenin; and how do you tell an anti-Communist? It's someone who understands Marx and Lenin.”

Understanding the Lewis “Scooter” Libby Case star
Lewis “Scooter” Libby became the target of a zealous prosecutor who had spent two years trying to give the Bush administration a black eye. Of course, lying to the FBI and grand jury should be condemned and carry a punishment.

War on Women star
Why do Republicans hate women, and how come my wife doesn't know about this?

What is a Fair Tax? star
Iowa Caucus winner Governor Mike Huckabee is a proponent of the FairTax plan. The Fair Tax Act of 2007 calls for elimination of the IRS and repeal of the Sixteenth Amendment.

Where Did They Go? star
Does it make any sense when an entire community is wiped out so that the country can have a park? That is what happened to the little community called Cades Cove. If you think it can't happen to you, you had better pay attention to Agenda 21.

Why Republicans oppose cap and trade star
Cap and trade is the reference to carbon emissions caps and carbon credits legislation being pushed by the Democrats and the president. The Republican Party is opposed to this legislation because it would raise taxes on energy and harm businesses.

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