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Blood Sugar and Headaches star
Blood sugar levels can be a major contributor to your headaches. If your body is not able to keep up with the amounts of sugar you are taking in, you may end up with a bad headache.

Cluster Headaches star
Cluster headaches are headaches that hit in groups and normally feel like sharp, stabbing sensations around the eyes. Here is more information on cluster headaches and how to prevent them.

Cold Foods and Headaches star
They're typically called "ice cream headaches," but it isn't just ice cream that can dish them out. Cold foods and beverages aggravate nerves in the back of your throat that send pain shooting to your head.

Headaches After Mild Head Injury star
Post-traumatic headaches, or PTH, are a chronic type of headache caused most often by a mild head injury (MHI).

Headaches and Intercourse star
Any activity which involves sudden rushes of blood can lead to a headache for some people. The act of intercourse is no exception. Here are ideas on how to handle this situation.

Headaches and Migraines - Differences star
When describing symptoms to a doctor, it can be important to give precise information so they can help. How do you know if the pain you feel is a headache or a migraine?

Headaches and Migraines During Pregnancy star
Headaches and migraines are never fun, but they are even less fun during pregnancy. Although your options are somewhat limited during pregnancy, there are still things you can do to combat headaches and migraines.

Headaches as Plot Devices in NaNoWriMo star
We all know about the cliche of a wife having a headache when the husband is feeling amorous. But what are some other ways to turn a headache into a key plot point, to liven up your story?

Headaches from Eye Strain star
If you use your computer or TV for long stretches of time, you're probably familiar with how eye strain can lead to headaches. Here are ways to reduce the the headaches you suffer from this situation.

Migraine Aura star
A Migraine aura is a set of sensations that some migraine sufferers experience before the actual migraine begins. In a way it is an early warning sign that a migraine is approaching.

Sinus Headaches star
Sinus headaches are fairly common, and many people have experienced them. They involve pressure in the forehead, cheeks, and eyes - the sinus areas.

Smoking Triggers Headaches star
Smoking may be affecting more than just your lungs. While second-hand smoke is a common culprit for headache or migraine triggers, if you’re a smoker, you could be causing headaches for not only those around you, but also contributing to your own headaches.

Tension Headaches star
Pain that runs down the back of your head and into your neck and shoulders is commonly a result of a tension headache.

When to Talk to Your Doctor About Your Headaches star
If you have headaches often, you're probably pretty familiar with what a "normal" headache is for you. How do you know that it's just a different type of headache than you normally experienced and not an emergency for which you should seek immediate help?

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