Headaches from Eye Strain

Headaches from Eye Strain
If you use your computer or TV for long stretches of time, you're probably familiar with how eye strain can lead to headaches. Here are ways to reduce the the headaches you suffer from this situation.

First, it's good to understand what is happening to cause the eye strain. Your eyeballs have muscles around them just like any other part of your body. Imagine if you tried to hold your arm straight out from your body for hours on end. Undoubtedly your arm would get tired. The same thing happens when you make your eyeballs stare in the exact same direction for hours and hours. They simply get tired. The human body is meant to move and turn and twist. It is not meant to sit stationary and stare in one direction like a zombie.

Also, if your viewing monitor is not set up well, and lit well, you could end up squinting or clenching your eyes a bit, and this exacerbates the problem.

So step one is to research the ergonomics of the situation you're in. Is the monitor the right distance from your chair? Is it tilted at the right angle? Sometimes tiny changes can lead to HUGE relief in your eyes. Look into the lighting. Is it the right amount of light for the situation?

Next, make sure your eyes are focusing properly. Have an eye exam and make sure you explain to them the distance you're viewing at and the length of time. Often a prescription which is perfect for driving and walking around is not the same as the one you need for your computer work.

Finally, it's absolutely necessary that you take regular breaks - not only for your eyes but for your entire body. Get a free timer program for your PC, or a physical one for your couch. Every hour, pause and get up. Look around the room. Blink your eyes. Take in long, deep breaths. That twisting and turning will greatly help your eye muscles relax and prepare for a new set of work.

By paying proper attention to your eye health, you can reduce the headaches caused by eye strain and bring better health to your daily life.

Let us know if you have any other suggestions or ideas!

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