Dream Types

Dreams come in different forms.

Astral Dreaming star
Have you ever woken in the morning, made your coffee, and climbed in the shower only to realize that you were still dreaming, even though it felt like you were awake while performing your morning routine? You may have been having an Out of Body experience, or OBE.

Nightmares star
Nightmares can be extraordinarily frightening experiences. But they are also wake up calls to face our fears!

Past Life Dreams star
Though it's very difficult to verify past life dreams, they still offer a unique opportunity for healing and understanding of the greater story of our soul.

Recurring Dreams star
Recurring dreams, or dreams that repeat again and again, tell us a lot about where we are emotionally. They can indicate stress that needs to be dealt with, or a period of emotional growth,and both adults and children can experience them.

Subconscious Overload Dreams star
Subconscious overload dreams are dreams that seem to make no sense, and are filled with events from our day. Most people believe that the majority of their dreams are just the subconscious mind blowing off steam, when in fact these dreams remain in the minority of dream types.

Symbolic Dreams star
Symbolic dreams are the most common type of dream. In a symbolic dream, everything in the dream is the dreamer, who is represented by symbols sent from the sub-conscious mind.

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