Health Basics - Cholesterol

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Cholesterol comes in both good and bad forms. Be sure to learn as much as you can about this important health aspect!

Chocolate and Cholesterol star
Do all chocolates contain cholesterol? Do all chocolates cause your body's cholesterol counts to go higher? Learn more about chocolate and how it affects cholesterol in your body!

Cholesterol Tester - CardioChek star
Many people worry about their cholesterol on a low carb diet. I´ve been using the CardioChek device for nearly instant home testing whenever I wish. It´s great!

Finger Prick for Blood Test star
Do you want to test your blood glucose level or cholesterol, but are afraid of the finger prick to get the blood out of you? Don't worry - it is really easy! And this comes from a woman who used to be completely paranoid about any blood / needle activities.

Garlic Sulfur Lowers your Cholesterol star
If you´re interested in lowering your total cholesterol and balancing your LDL and HDL, have some garlic! Garlic has been proven to help gain a healthy cholesterol level. It has to do with the natural sulfur found in garlic.

HDL Cholesterol - Help and Information star
HDL is also known as the good cholesterol. If your total cholesterol is high, it might be that you actually have a lot of healthy HDL cholesterol in your system!

HDL Cholesterol Raising Food List star
HDL cholesterol is the type of cholesterol that you want to be high. You are aiming for over 60 mg/dL of HDL. How can you raise that value?

Home Testing your Cholesterol star
There are many types of home cholesterol tests on the market which make watching your cholesterol levels quick and easy. Here are some that might suit your needs.

LDL Cholesterol - Help and Information star
LDL is the bad cholesterol, the kind that doctors warn you against building up in your blood. This is what jams your arteries and causes issues for your health.

Lowering LDL Cholesterol Levels star
LDL is the bad cholesterol - it's the cholesterol that we want to have low levels of. Optimal is under 100 mg/dL. How do you lower your LDL levels?

Reducing Triglycerides in your Blood star
If a blood test has come back with an elevated value for triglycerides in your blood, usually a value of 150 or higher, here is how to reduce that naturally.

Research on Eggs, Cholesterol and Health star
Remember back when we were told that eggs were unhealthy for you as a breakfast food? It turns out that the study was funded by ... the cereal industry!

Total Cholesterol - Help and Information star
In the old days, it was thought that your total cholesterol was a magic number that should be high or low. In modern times, we realize that your total cholesterol includes both good and bad types of cholesterol.

Triglyceride Cholesterol - Help and Information star
Triglycerides are the least understood of the cholesterol components. Most people know about HDL good cholesterol and LDL bad cholesterol. Triglycerides are the third component.

Triglycerides in Blood star
Triglycerides are fats that your body uses as a normal, natural part of maintaining its energy stores. How do triglycerides get into your blood system, and what do triglyceride levels mean?

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