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Summer Home Safety
Spring is here! Since the warmer weather has arrived, everyone is getting outside to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. This is a good time to review some basic safety guidelines with our families.

Missing Children - Sandra Cantu and Adam Herrman
Sandra Cantu disappeared on March 27, after coming home from school and leaving to visit a nearby friend in the Orchard Estates Mobile Home Park in Tracy, California. While Adam Herrman disappeared sometime around 1999. That is 10 years ago and no one reported him missing.

Teens and Internet Laws
She is just 14, living in the north east, a typical teenager by many standards, yet soon the law may required her to register as a sex offender. At fourteen, you may wonder what she could have done to do face a lifetime as a registered sex offender. Many teens are doing the same thing, is your teen?

Statistics show 1 out of 4 females and 1 out of 5 males will be the victim of a sexual assault before they reach the age of 18. If you believe you have been a victim of rape please get help.

Missing Child - Haleigh Cummings 5 years old
How many children must be hurt, die or disappear before people will realize that leaving a child with a boyfriend or girlfriend whom you have not known for very long is not child safe? This week alone in the news are several cases of significant others abusing or losing a child.

Predators Soliciting Teens by Texting
The stories never stop coming from the news media involving sick pedophiles and innocent children. This week in Broward County Florida a 21-year-old male working as a childcare monitor at the Pine Lakes Elementary School is in jail because he has been sexually texting three male students.

Human Trafficking - Exploiting Children as Slaves
It is the year 2009, and many people simply do not want to believe that young women can be coerced, tricked, or forced from their home land to be sold as sex slaves in the US and Mexico.

Sexting Teens Felony Charges
The name of the new game is sexting and it is where teens send sexually explicit photos of themselves on the computer by email or over the cell phone waves in a text message. This hot new topic is causing grief for teens of all ages.

Sexting and Teens and New Laws
Teens are sexting everyday in school, at home, on their jobs. The problem with sexting is that most high school students are under 18 and sexting is causing major issues for both, sender and receiver. The reason sexting is causing such chaos is it is illegal.

Social Networking Guidelines for Teens
How safe are you online? Even if you do not provide personal information on your profile your best friend may be giving away your safety by attaching to your social networking page. Find out how to keep yourself and your friends safe in cyberspace.

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