Human Trafficking - Exploiting Children as Slaves

Human Trafficking - Exploiting Children as Slaves
Human Trafficking is the exploitation of a human life, usually female, and often sexually. Human trafficking usually involves a young girls, woman, or young boy forced to leave his or her home country and become a sex slave. The younger the better is the desire of the men who will buy sex with a sex slave.

On average, a man pays 20 dollars for sex with a girl. Although a condom is included, the man buying the sexual encounter rarely wears it. The younger girls are more in demand. Many whom are virgins will end up pregnant and having an abortion with in the first few years as a slave. Many will have abortions and go back to work the next day.

Girls from third world countries are either lied to, often being given the false pretense that a better paying job is waiting for her in the US or Mexico. She is told how she can help her family’s social economic situation by sending home the extra money her recruiter claims she will earn.

It is the year 2009, and many people simply do not want to believe that young women can be coerced, tricked, or forced from their home land to be sold as sex slaves in the US and Mexico. Often threats and coercion convince a girl to go with the people who are trying to sell her a dream in a new land.

Once a girl travels for days and nights under rough terrain and usually a fair amount is on foot, or in the back of a crowded truck, where people are packed in like sardines, the unsuspecting slaves arrive at a final destination that is isolated and well guarded. Anyone who tries to run or escape is usually badly beaten and sexually assaulted, if not killed. The girls move regularly from place to place so that she cannot become familiar with her surroundings, and because the clientele likes fresh faces.

The girls write letters home telling their loved ones they are safe and ran away and not to look for them. Human trafficking is a very real danger for women, girls, and young boys in today’s world.

Humans are trafficked for more than just slavery. They are also forced into domestic servitude, agricultural work, manufacturing, construction, and even organ harvesting. The amount of money made by trafficking humans is unbelievable. Innocent lives are lost every day to the sex slavery trade. How much is one life worth?

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