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Bianca Noel Piper Missing For Two Years
Bianca Noel Piper Missing For Two Years, Bianca Noel Piper disappeared two years ago March 10, 2005. She was thirteen when she disappeared. What happened after Shannon Tanner dropped her daughter Bianca Noel Piper off at the McIntosh Hill Road Bridge in Foley Missouri on March 10, 2005?

Angie Housman/Cassidy Senter Murders
It is because of Angie and Cassidy, two beautiful angels, that I am committed to helping Missing and Exploited Children. Those two little girls gave me the strength and courage to apply for this website. I have thought about Angie and Cassidy everyday since my daughter was born in December of 1993.

Childhood Exploitation - What Does Exploited Mean
We know what the word missing means, but does anyone know what the word exploited means. According to Dictionary.com, exploited is defined, “To employ to the greatest possible advantage” or “To make use of selfishly or unethically.” Put simply, exploited means to manipulate.

Stranger Safety - Child Lures Predators Use
As soon as children are able to understand what a stranger is, parents need to begin educating children about strangers. The first most important idea to teach a child is to never go anywhere without first telling mom or dad.

Paul Martin Andrews - Pedophilia Victim Warns of Common Child Lure
Paul Martin Andrews was thirteen when a seasoned pedophile used a common lure to convince the boy to get into his van on January 10, 1973. Pedophilia victim warns parents of a common lure that may have helped his abductor kidnap him.

What Age Can Children Stay Home Alone
The magic question many parents ponder, at what age is it ok to allow a child to stay-at-home alone for short periods.

Dean Arthur Schwartzmiller - America's Most Prolific Child Molester
Dean Arthur Schwartzmiller is perhaps the most prolific child molester ever. Seven multicolor spirals bound notebooks, written in a loopy cursive handwriting records over 36,000 names, mostly boys, he has molested over thirty years.

Missing Children - How Does A Child Disappear Without A Trace
How does a child disappear without a trace? How does no one see a child abducted by a stranger just a few feet from home? How does no one recognize a child missing for years?

The Disappearance of Shawn Hornbeck Leads to the Shawn Hornbeck Foundation
Shawn Damian Hornbeck should have been home by five. When he was not home by six his family went looking for him, and at eight Pam called the police. On that Sunday afternoon October 6, 2002, it seemed as if he disappeared without a trace.

Missouri Amber Alert - William Ben Ownby
Thirteen-year-old William “Ben” Ownby has now been missing for more than 24 hours. An amber alert remains is in effect for William "Ben" Ownby, believed to be a victim of abduction.

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