Dean Arthur Schwartzmiller - America's Most Prolific Child Molester

Dean Arthur Schwartzmiller - America's Most Prolific Child Molester
Dean Arthur Schwartzmiller was 63 year’s old when was arrested in June 2005. What police found while searching his home has stunned a nation and earned Mr. Schwartzmiller the label of the most prolific child molester ever. Seven multicolor spirals bound notebooks, written in a loopy cursive handwriting records over 36,000 names of boys, and 1500 pages of coded symbols.

Initially police were uncertain what the words and coded symbols meant, yet it soon became clear that Dean’s notebooks were a diary that contained a history of sexual abuse. Also, found were binders full of child pornography, possibly of the boys he had met and molested over the years.

The colorful spiral-bound notebooks are more frightening than a Stephen King novel. The headings are listed as, “blond boys,” “13 and under boys”, “the best of the best boys”, “no, but yes boys”. Law enforcement fear this man, Schwartzmiller, has been sexually abusing boys since the late sixties. He has moved multiple times over the decades. Schwartzmiller has lived-in many places including, Nevada, Texas and Washington.

Schwartzmiller worked in home construction and home improvements. Thus, he had easy access to families with children. Even if the homeowner checked the National Registry for Sexual Offenders to see if the contractor they were employing to work in their home were a registered offender, they would not have found him listed, he never registered. Although, arrested on child molestation charges five times in five states.

Dean Arthur Schwartzmiller arrested in New York, Idaho, Oregon, Arkansas, and Washington for child molestation. He served time in an Idaho prison for child molestation in the 1970’s. Police want him in Oregon for sexual assault charges on a minor. There are likely more victims in Mexico and Brazil where Schwartzmiller spent time living for many years in the 1980’s.

While working as a home contractor or renovator Dean Arthur Schwartzmiller used several aliases including Dean Miller and Dean Harmon. If anyone reading this article recognizes the man in the article or realizes they are a victim of this man then please contact you local authorities by dialing 911.

Schwartzmiller, convicted to 150 years to prison after his trial involving the molestation of two San Jose boys age 12. He used gifts to make friends with the boys and then invited them over to his home to play video games. Police believe he is the most prolific child molester they have dealt with in the history of child molestation.

There are signs that parents need to be aware of when kids are around adults. If adults are, spending a lot of with a child, that is not their child, the parent should be concerned, and check out what is going on. In addition, if an adult is constantly giving a minor a gift a red flag should be alerting the adults that something is not right.

Kids should be playing with other children their age, not adults. Talk with your children if you feel something is not right. Follow your heart, gut intuition, and if in doubt involve the police, remember the national sex offender registry only works if the sex offender registers, and in this case Schwartzmiller did not.

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